eris Malificent


Odain alias: Aeris


Played by: Chris Vincent


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Aeris stands 5' 3", and has a very pale complexion.  She has red eyes and long flowing black hair that reaches down to her waist. She appears to be in her mid twenties.  She's rather thin at 102 lbs, and has a modest, but still attractive figure.


She wears a black, long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows, and a pair of black, loosefitting jeans.  Her shoes are a worn, but extremely durable pair of work shoes.  She wears a small golden pentagram around her neck on a golden chain(See equipment).  However, she usually keeps it tucked beneath her shirt.  She also wears a black jean jacket.




Aeris has the ability to telepathically communicate with ghosts, as well as the ability to allow them to speak through her.  Aeris can also see ghosts or spirits.


Aeris can manifest a substance known as psychoplasm.  It's natural form is that of a shapeless, glowing green mass of viscous slime, but is highly responsive to psionic energy.  It can be shaped into a rigid object, but learning to manipulate it into a coherent shape, and keep it there is a process which takes approximately 1 year per shape.  It can only be used to form objects with no moving parts.


She can only produce psychoplasm in direct contact with her skin, most usually in her hands.  If it leaves contact with her hands, it loses all shape, reverts back to it's natural form, and will disintegrate in a few seconds.


Aeris currently knows how to produce three shapes.  A stiletto, a pike and a wood chopping axe (which is typically only used by her father, see below for details).  These weapons look like normal objects, but being psionic in origin, can inflict damage on weaker beings of a supernatural nature.


Aeris is always accompanied by the ghost of her father, Kalleus.  He remains invisible, inside her body most of the time, but when he feels his daughter is being threatened, or if called upon, he will partially emerge from her body, become visible (he looks like a glowing green emaciated corpse with green balls of light for eyes), and attack with the axe.  This is the only time a weapon made of psychoplasm will maintain it's form when not in contact with Aeris' body.  It will draw power from Aeris, through Kalleus. He remains intangible, and can not be injured through normal physical means, but is very much vulnerable to magic, psionics, and other such energies.


Kalleus is about as strong as your average human, which is stronger than Aeris, but he doesn't get tired.  Kalleus is incapable of speech, except through Aeris.  Kalleus draws a great deal of energy from Aeris when he materializes, and she can not maintain this for more than 10 minutes without becoming tired (she could go longer if she were not involved in combat, but she never allows him to manifest in any other situation).


Kalleus has become dependent on Aeris' psychic energy to sustain himself, and is no longer able to leave her body.




Being of a rather thin build, Aeris isn't very strong.  A normal, healthy adult could easily overpower her in a contest of strength.  Aeris also has strong psychotic tendencies (see personality below).




Aeris possesses a near genius level intellect.  She can solve complicated math problems in her head, comprehend complex works of literature, and read the average book within a day.  She learns very quickly, and what she learns is always remembered with near perfect clarity.  She's ambidextrous, and an accomplished contortionist (both of which were acquired from multiple escapes from various places, such as prisons and mental institutions).




Dimensional manipulator- This is the golden pentagram Aeris wears around her neck.  It is, in fact, a dimensional travel device, and allows Aeris to travel between worlds.  It is operated by vocal commands from the bearer, and must be in direct contact with the bearer to operate.  Only the bearer, and those in direct contact with the bearer will be affected.




Aeris typically conducts herself as an extremely intelligent woman.  She loves to read, and enjoys music and poetry.  Her typical mood is dark and cynical.  She is openly spiteful towards those whom she deems unintelligent. However, to those she considers intelligent, she is very proper and well mannered, and not at all unsociable.


Although she hides it quite well, Aeris has a terrible temper.  Anything she considers to be insulting or abusive to herself in anyway greatly angers her.  She will not show any anger until she reaches the breaking point (which is very high), at which time she will become extremely violent, and possibly homicidal.  These episodes are however far from an uncontrollable fit of rage.  Aeris' actions are always carefully planned and executed, even when driven entirely by anger.  Aeris is perfectly aware of her temper and her psychotic tendencies, and has accepted them as a part of who she is.


Connections: None yet of note.