Odain Alias: Airazor


Played By: Kenny Blackwell (


Homeworld: Cybertron, Beast Wars Transformers Universe


Physical Description:


Airazor's beast mode resembles that of a large Peregrine falcon with a wingspan of at least 8 feet long. Her robot mode resembles a kind of synthesis between falcon flesh and Cybertronian metal... the falcon head folds down to become her breastplate, the wings swivel back around to her back, and her talons become her feet. In robot mode, she stands at a height of a solid six feet tall. A better description of Airazor's robot mode can be found here...




Like any conventional Cybertronian, Airazor possesses the ability to transform her physical form into a completely different form... in her case, it is a Peregrine falcon. Airazor is also signifigantly and understandably tougher than normal humans. Minor

damage inflicted on her can be healed normally if she assumed her falcon mode. More severe, even critical damage inflicted on her will result in a death-like state called stasis-lock, initiated automatically to help conserve power. However, if repairs aren't initiated upon her in time, usually by placing her in a CR chamber, she will die.


Airazor's optical matrix scanners can detect ground movement from 30,000 feet. Internal radar transmitters then relay data to others, complete with 3-D virtual reality maps detailing enemy location. She also possesses armor-piercing, titanium-plated talons for those cases when she can't afford to transform to robot mode.




Airazor is very dependant on her falcon mode to stay in flight, although she is able stay aloft for short periods in robot mode. Shooting her down can effectively ground her ability to fly.




Airazor is an aerial recon expert, given that it's her function. She is also very fast and agile in both falcon and robot modes in both the air and ground, respectively. An average hand-to-hand combatant, Airazor prefers to do her fighting in the air.




Airazor's forearms house neural scramblers that can fire out electromagnetic pulses of energy that can effectively short out a normal human's nervous system, knocking them out without harming them. Against her own kind, however, her neural scramblers only stun them for a short time.




Although Airazor's innate Cybertronian memories are intact, she sees Earth as her birth world and feels more comfortable in beast mode. With that, she has a bond to the Earth and Earth-like worlds... she loves the nature around her that Cybertron lacks severely, and feels she probably will never fit in the heavily technological world of her incepted ever again... and somehow she doesn't find a problem with that. Pleasant and kind to those who know her, she won't back down from a challenge however, and she will fight for what she believes in, whether it be for the nature around her, her friends, or her beliefs as a Maximal.




Outside Odain, she does have her allies amongst the Maximal faction... Tigatron shares the same love of nature she does, and together they have formed a bond to the planet and each other.


She also shares a special bond with Cheetor, who allowed some of his circuitry to be used in keeping Airazor's protoform alive. This bond is a unique sibling relationship among the Maximals on Earth. Airazor also feels a special relationship to Rhinox who is sort of an "uncle" to her, due mostly in part to his large role in her birth.


In Odain, she knows Meiri quite well, as she was a kind of mother figure to her when she was younger, and when the two were trapped in a dimensional reality known only as the Nexus.