Odain Alias: Azure


Played By: Spider


Homeworld: Earth


Physical Description:


Azure is an albino; her skin and hair are pure white, and her eyes are a deep red. Her hair falls about halfway down her back. Azure is only 5'4", and while she has a very athletic build, it isn't usually noticeable. She typically wears a trailing, blue-and-white robe that looks impressive without restricting her movement too much, and pale blue gloves to conceal her hands.




Azure is a lightning mage, and has the power to generate and control electricity. She can fire powerful bolts of lightning from her fingertips, absorb power from existing electrical sources, and project brilliant bursts of light. With a little concentration, she can modify the charge she produces to knock people unconscious, disable machinery in an EMP wave, and even paralyze muscle tissues. She's also become quite good at using small electrical charges as floating light sources, able to mold them into different shapes and move them about easily. It's not terribly useful in combat, but it makes for an interesting conversation piece.




Azure has one skill: fighting. She's been extensively trained in several forms of martial arts, with an emphasis on unarmed combat, and she's extremely strong, particularly for someone her size; even without her magic, she's a very dangerous person. She also has some skill with firearms (hardly ever used), and is something of an expert at small-scale combat, especially tactics for dealing with other mages.


For all this talent, however, she's kind of lacking at everything else. All but the simplest of spells will go over her head, and she has very few skills that aren't applicable to the battlefield.




Underneath her gloves, Azure's hands are made out of gleaming blue metal, a melding of technology and magic. Her hands are what really cast her spells-- Azure just provides the power source. The hands have superhuman strength, and while not indestructible, are highly resistant to damage. Azure's nervous system is linked to them, however, and if they are hurt she'll feel the same amount of pain. If they were to lose their magic--say, if Azure stepped into a null-magic field--they would become notably clumsier, and she would lose the ability to feel through them. The hands have a minor self-repair system that works about as quickly as an ordinary person would heal.


Azure's robe is also enchanted; made out of a material similar to kevlar, and magically strengthened, it's highly resistant to bullets, arrows, cuts, burning, and damage in general. It doesn't make her invulnerable, by any means, but it's saved her life more than once, and it comes in handy a lot of the time.


Azure carries with her a .44 Magnum revolver and a sword. Neither one is inherently magical, but the gun is useful against enemies resistant to magic or electricity, and the sword makes a convenient melee weapon.




Azure is the sweetest, most considerate, most pleasant to be around professional killer you'll ever meet. She often tends to act like a child, and has a bad habit of seeing things in black and white, right and wrong; Right (above all else) is doing what Damon tells her to, and wrong (again, above all else) is disobeying him. When she's put into a situation where the lines start to become uncertain, it bothers her a great deal. She's a killer, but not one who kills on a whim, and when she isn't on a job, she's really quite friendly. She's almost desperate to be liked; more than anything else, Azure is lonely.