orthag Baalshazzar


Odain Alias: Baal


Played By: Shelby Scott [darkheart2k@yahoo.com]


Homeworld: Notusia


Physical Description:


Baal is a truly massive beast known as a Behemoth in Notusia: a heavily-muscled, red-skinned monstrosity with a pair of curling black horns jutting from his skull, four-fingered hands and feet bearing hoof-like black nails, a mouth full of wicked-looking yellowed teeth (usually hidden by Baal's pompous smirk) and a long, well-muscled tail. One of his eyes, the right one, has been obviously torn out, leaving behind a hollow black pit that contrasts against his other eye, a green reptilian affair. He stands close to six feet tall and weighs nearly 300 pounds.


His attire, oddly enough, is a well-tailored black dress vest and slacks (with a button-up slit in the back for his tail), a red dress shirt and a matching red tie, held in place with a skull-shaped tie pin.




Behemoths are, by default, somewhat more physically advanced that the average human, and has a very tough hide that's somewhat resistant to most forms of injury. While this is where such preternatural powers end for most Behemoths, Baal has taken time to expand his talents.


  • Balefire: Baal can exhale a 10-foot-long searing gout of flames from his mouth roughly once every 6 days. These flames are far more potent than the natural kind, and can cause even normally flame-resistant materials to ignite. Baal has to exhale the balefire blindly, for it (like most direct sources of light) can easily blind him if he gets a good look at it.


  • Darkvision: Baal's vision is attuned to seeing in near-dark or totally dark areas, as Notusia normally is. In a decently-lighted area, his vision would lessen in clarity. Should he look directly into a light, he'll experience a form of flashburn, and lose all vision for a few minutes.


  • Fear: Baal can, at will and once every 6 days, unleash a arcane spell of sorts that causes intense, inescapable terror towards him in anyone whose resolve falters when he looks into their eyes, terror that becomes mild paranoia when he is not present. The effect is actively usable for six minutes, and any after-effects caused by the spell wear off after a day or so.




Being the Spawn of Notus, and of a far closer generation that he'll readily admit, Baal has a number of weaknesses.


  • Harsh light, salt and pure water causes Baal considerable pain and some internal injury if the exposure is prolonged for more than a few minutes. A weapon utilizing water (like a high-pressure cannon), salt (rock salt jammed into a shotgun shell) or light (a laser or similar device) would be supremely effective against Baal.


  • The presence of a truly 'faithful' religious individual, or just one who holds to a belief with considerable faith and purpose, makes Baal quite uncomfortable. Any sort of faith-invested item that the person may have readily visible causes Baal extreme discomfort, and enrages him somewhat. 'Holy' (or even unholy) weapons and supernatural effects wound him with relative ease.


  • The sight and smell of others' blood excites him in untold ways, and tears away at his normally controlled demeanor, leaving him a ravenous beast. Once affected as such, it takes every bit of resolve he has to not attack whomever is doing the bleeding. This, naturally, does not always work.


  • Having only one eye, he has a huge blind spot on the right side of him, as well as incomplete depth perception.




Baal is surprisingly smart for a Behemoth, and was, upon arriving at Odain, maintaining the day-to-day operations of a business trafficking in the importing of humans from 'Dayside' ('normal' modern-day Earth) for consumption purposes, since human flesh is a sort of delicacy among Notusian high society and is hard to obtain. (He oftimes takes samples pre-slaughter; there is a reason his workshirt and tie are blood red in color) He is quite good at accounting and business management, and is a quick study when a business deal requires it.


Aside from this, Baal possesses the intelligence of a 5th-year college student.




Aside from his clothes, Baal carries a relatively useless cell phone, a state-of-the-art PDA, a wallet with ID cards and such and a large travel pack with the bare essentials, along with enough food to last him for a short while and a container of jerked meat made from... his favorite delicacy.




Baal is, when focused, a shrewd businessman with considerable cunning, a gift for gab and gutso to spare. He is notably very disrespectful to human beings, seeing them as nothing more than a source of meat and slave labor. Otherworldly beings may earn some degree of respect from him, but Baal sees precious few as an equal to him. He makes no attempt to hide this.


When angered or enraged, he becomes a literal demon, either intent on silencing whatever it is that's angering him with threats, then force if it is needed. He is not above making examples to get his point across.




He has a number of connections in Notusia, including the Debaucher who brought him to Odain in the first place. These connections are effectively useless in Odain, however.


Theme: "All Hail The New Flesh", Strapping Young Lad