oston Riggs


Odain Alias: Boston


Played by: Shelby Scott


Origin: Mid 21st-century Earth


Physical Description:


Boston is a tan-skinned young man with shoulder-length brown hair and grey eyes, a handsome grin, and an athletic build. What should be noted is that he's only 3' 9", and weights no more than 130 pounds. He wears faded jeans, a white tanktop, a clear bandanna (the material is not unlike cloth, but it's nearly transparent), and a leather jacket. It should be noted that there's a barcode tattooed onto the side of his neck.




As an LS Service Humanoid, Boston's body, for its size, is as strong as a normal-sized human's, and can go just as long without fatigue and strain. LS units are also quite dexterous, and are perfect for work that requires intricate parts and construction.




Aside from the fact that being small means that he can take less punishment than a normal person, Boston has a somewhat innate need to serve, and finds it very hard, even as a free man, to break from that.




Boston is, even considering the norm for his kind, a damn good mechanic and repairman, given the tools, the schematics, and the time. Even some compact electronics (up to the intricacy of a modern-day cell phone) are within his capability to repair.


Boston, however, has the intense urge to make things 'better', and does so with... decent success. He's patently destroyed a few things trying to eke out just a bit more performance from an object, but he just chalks it up to bad luck and goes back to the drawing board.


Boston, otherwise, is pretty average for someone his 'age', (he is a gengineered creature after all, and while he appears to be a young man, he's only 13) and has the education of a high-school graduate with a thing for shop class and the occasional bar brawl.




Boston was carrying with him his dufflebag of stuff. It contains the following:


  • Toolbox: A small box of vital electronic and mechanical tools, specially made for his stature. Multi-scopes, multi-size wrenches, and so on, so not at to take up too much space.


  • Nightstick: Boston's not stupid, and carries around a little extra protection. The stick's three ends are weighted with a bit of lead for extra oomph.


  • Extra clothes: Mostly work clothes and something a bit more 'classy'. (read: leather)


  • Boxed Lunch: Boston brought lunch, since he expected it to be another day at work.


Aside from the above, he also has his wallet on him, a pair of work gloves hanging out of his duffle bag, and his work nametag.




Boston is a nice cross between gruff and kind-hearted, with the occasional hint of outright wonder. Having only been a free man for 6 months, freedom's still something he's getting used to and enjoying. When he's not being amazed by the outside world, he's fun-loving, easy-going, and a sucker for alcohol and a good cuban when he's not working on something (and sometimes when he is, which can be a bad thing).


Deep within his genetic code, the need to serve has been implanted into him very reason for being, and he simply doesn't feel complete unless he's helping someone with something. Refusal of his aid often leaves him in a mildly depressed state, which he recovers from quickly and eventually. Boston has been trying to break the need, but it's something he just can't escape.




Back home in the American Union, he works for a vehicle-making company on the coast of California. He knows the rest of the Boston clutch of LS units and considers them family.


Otherwise, he knows noone in Odain.