hozen Bowler


Odain Alias: Chozen


Played By: Shelby Scott [darkheart2k@yahoo.com]


Homeworld: Unknown


Physical Description:


Chozen appears to be a male in his early twenties, with back-length jet-black hair and slightly pale features. He stands at about 5' 8", and looks somewhat lanky, albeit athletic and healthy. His features are chiseled and severe, with a thin face, sharply defined nose and a prominent chin. His eyes are simply inky pools that seem to ripple and flow not unlike water should anyone look directly into them. Above said eyes are worn simply wire-rim spectacles, that he's almost never seen without. He, upon his arrival to Odain, will be wearing the shredded remains of a red three-piece business suit.




Chozen has an attunement to shadows, and can manipulate them quite well, giving them both shape and 'solidity' through the usage of his own life force. Said shadows can become mere distractions, imposing shadow beasts, or even weapons. To create a simple 'trick of the dark' like a person-shaped shadow is no trouble for Chozen. Creating larger or intricate objects is much more difficult, and requires not only his concentration, but also a portion of his life energies. Chozen can perhaps create a pair of dire wolves out of solid shadow, but he'd be too weak to do much else besides retreat, and too focused on controlling them to pay attention to much else, since once his concentration's broken, the created shadow forms dissipate and the life force is lost. This power limitation is roughly constant, despite the form, as detail and solidity impose the limit, not size. The shadow forms are also destroyable when solid, and can be eliminated with a sharp physical hit or a decent-powered ki/energy blast. Chozen can also slip into shadows and move about them, but only by means of line-of-sight, and the actual movement process takes a few seconds roughly on par with his running speed so he can't magically reappear behind someone. If the shadows he is moving through are somehow eliminated mid-move, he will simply be revealed with little in the way of adverse effects.


Chozen's main powers, and the ones he uses most, are his abilities to magnify any sort of 'negative' emotions that he can sense from a person, and to feed from the residual mental energies formed from the act. The act usually undergoes four stages:


  • Location: Chozen can easily sense when a person's experiencing negative emotions, through a sixth sense that even he can barely understand; he simply knows that it works.


  • Detainment: Chozen with attempt to separate the target from others, either by tracking it, or by trickery or other means. Once his target's within range, he'll attempt to restrain the target with a number of shadow tendrils if it's needed. If said restraint isn't, he'll simply proceed onto the third step. (The tendrils are destroyable, and a person with enough strength might be able to struggle free.) After they're immobilized, he'll appear, usually shrouding his visage, and proceed onto the third step.


  • Magnification: This is the truly painful act of his feeding, since Chozen then proceeds to delve into the victim's psyche through means of touch and seek out the desired negative emotions, and the reasons and events that caused them to come into being. Mind you, Chozen *CANNOT* read anything besides the negative bits when he searches his victim's mind. As soon as he's found all he needs, Chozen will begin to artificially amplify the emotion, through forcing the victim to 'relive' the incident the negative emotion stems from. (For example, a person who'd been forced to drink blood against his will would suddenly taste and smell it, and nothing could make it go away.) The means used to do this are so realistic to the victim that it's almost always effective in amplifying the emotion to extreme levels.


  • Extraction: As the Magnification is happening, Chozen is constantly 'tearing' bits of the emotions being amplified away and absorbing them into himself. These are then 'digested' (again, by means that even Chozen doesn't understand) and converted into raw energy for Chozen, reviving and replenishing him. The amount of energy he recovers depends on the strength of the emotion drawn from, and the total time of the drawing. An average feeding can last anywhere from ten minutes to two hours if Chozen's in desperate need of energy. After he's sated, he'll abruptly cut the Magnification and let his victim recover from the event. Usually, the process is enough to leave a victim mentally exhausted and unable to retaliate as Chozen retreats.




Chozen is actually easier to harm than a normal human, his form taking more damage from attacks than your average human would. He's also not much of a physical fighter aside from summoning shadows to do his dirty work, and can be beaten by a decently skilled combatant with ease.




Chozen is an amazing artist, both in the speed that he can produce a work, and in the intricacy of said work. This is one of the pastimes he's picked up over his life, and makes use of it to try and keep himself calm when the situation dictates it. Otherwise, he's as skilled as your typical well-established adult artist with a Doctorate in some esoteric subject.




Since his connection to his home has been severed, he can no longer summon objects to himself. The only object he does have at all times is his spectacles, which are bonded to his being.




Chozen has gone from calm and refined to calm, refined, and covertly vicious. His more base need to survive has begun to creep into his mindset, occasionally peeking out in a burst of anger or some other negative reaction. Once immune to such emotions, Chozen has begun to finally succumb to them, and doesn't seem to mind the fact at all. He is not completely heartless and cruel, and does crave some form of normal interaction whenever the opportunity presents itself. In the end, he's simply a creature trying to survive.




Chozen will remember the beings that he's met in his earlier days, but will remains slightly guarded nonetheless. The only one he'd speak with openly would maybe be Ambika Makkura, his one-time pupil in the arts of the shadow.