aleb Solomon


Odain Alias: Caleb


Played By: Echo Albarn/Steve Sulzer (


Physical Description: Age 24. Caucasian, male. He's a short, somewhat pale guy, about 5'2", with short black hair. His features are somewhat childlike, and given his build, he almost seems to disappear into the large black trenchcoat he wears. Beneath it, he wears neat, yet nondescript clothing, usually in dark colors.


Powers: None.


Weaknesses: Normal human.


Skills: Holds a Juris Doctor (Law) Degree, and is fully trained in such skills as detection, investigation, etc., as well as being well versed in FBI Protocol. He is also a competent handgunner, well within FBI standards. He is physically fit, able to run down fleeing criminals, and away from other things, if need be. The only other notable thing he has, as one staff member put it, mAd c0f-E sKiLz.


Equipment: Badge, Cuffs, cellphone, MilSpec Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Pistol (Two clips, total, each with 7 bullets)


Personality: You see him walk in, expecting a dark, brooding soul, searching for the truth, when suddenly, he grins wider than a canyon and says, "Hi!" Perky is the word of the day, perky and unflappable. He puts a lot of faith in the government, even though he disapproves of the things politicians do, and believes that the government will save him from Odain, too. Single, but looking.


Connections: None in Odain, few on Earth.


Background: He always wanted to be a G-Man, but couldn't believe it when he actually was accepted. But he cleared the Quantico work with flying colors, and was immediately transferred to FBI Headquarters, to begin his work. But something didn't jive. He was cheerful, and his co-workers were cold and calculating. Within days, he was loathed by his superiors, who only kept him around 'cause he made a great cup of coffee, and the butt of all the office jokes. Time passed. People began to loathe him more, and his paycheck was basically for the services of a coffeeboy. Then, one day, Black Ops sent a memo to Solomon's boss, stating the need for a willing test subject for a matter transmission experiment. Caleb was sent down. He was told to step onto the one platform, where he'd be transported to the next room. A flash, then silence. No Caleb. Special Agent Solomon was about to learn a little something about a certain hotel...and his boss was celebrating.


Current Purpose: Caleb wants to bide his time until the government decides to bring him back. That's it. But he can wait. It's not like he's locked up in a steel box, there are nice enough people here.