oseph Cassidy


Odain Alias: Cassidy


Played by: KouAidou


Homeworld: Alternate Earth, Not-Too-Distant Future


Physical Description:


Cass is an attractive young man, standing 5'10, with a smiling, innocent face, pale blue eyes, and shoulder-length blonde hair tied back except for a few strands (intentionally, always, it's part of his Look).  He dresses in normal, fairly stylish clothing appropriate to his time period and world of origin; a waist-length navy blue coat, white button-down shirt, and dark pants.  The only physical aspects that detract from his basic "aura of normalcy" are a tattoo of a blue cross on the left side of his forehead, which runs partially under his hairline, and down to his left eyebrow; and the scars running up and down his chest and arms.  The scars, however, are most often obscured by his clothing.




Cass is a psionic; he has some basic empathy and telepathy, allowing him to both communicate with others mentally and read surface thoughts, though it's easy enough for a conscious individual to notice and resist this with some minor effort.  He also has telekinesis, allowing him to move about as much with his mind as he could move physically, but his primary power is the ability to absorb physical pain from others.  A touch is required to form a link to a person, and the target will be able to feel the link being formed by a brief tingling sensation from the area of contact.  After the link is established, Cass will feel all of the pain that the target would normally feel in their place until he breaks the link.  It is worth mentioning that this is not a healing technique, merely an alleviation of pain.


Now, here's where things get a little complicated.  Cass's psionic abilities are actually *amplified* by pain, whether he feels it himself or absorbs it from others.  The ease to which he can pry into a person's mind telepathically and the amount he can move telekinetically increase with the pain he's feeling.  The pain equivalent of basic cuts, bruises, and general aches and pains would effectively double his powers; broken limbs and equivalents would triple, and mortal wounds would about quadruple them.  There's a cap to this, though, past a certain point his powers will cease to increase, though there is technically no limit to the amount of raw pain he can absorb (as one would expect, his pain threshold is much higher than a normal person's before he would pass out from the effects, thereby severing the link).




Despite his powers, Cass is basically just a normal human, albeit one in nearly perfect physical shape.  However, he has some rather severe personal and emotional problems that could qualify as weaknesses.  Thus, see personality.




Cass is in excellent physical shape, and something of an athlete.  Although he has no real training in that area, were he ever to somehow get into a fight (see again, personality), he would be able to handle himself quite competently. He is also very intelligent, with your basic college-level equivalent education, though the only skill he has gained a particular noteworthy proficiency in is first-aid.  However, he is intelligent enough to be able to learn new things quickly if he has the proper instruction.




Cass carries only two things with him at all times: a small, plain, jagged kitchen knife, and a roll of bandages.  For emergencies.




Cass is a very soft-spoken and polite person, and very slow to real anger.  He is happy to be of assistance to those around him, though is somewhat oblivious to the concept that people might not actually want his help in some situations. He is, in many respects, just a very sheltered, ultimately innocent person trying to make the best of a situation that he has been unwillingly placed into.




The same procedure that altered Cass's mind to give him his psionic abilities also altered some aspects of his personality in order to keep him under control. As a result, Cass is incapable of violent action or thought towards other humans (or any sentient lifeforms, for that matter, in Odain).  He's also undergone mental conditioning to make him believe certain things about his role in the society that he comes from, though these beliefs are not likely to be significant to his finding a role in Odain.


Finally, as a result of having to willingly accept other peoples' pain, and even wound himself at times to increase his abilities when it is required, Cass has become something of a masochist.  His enjoyment of the pain he feels can override his normal calm demeanor, and the overall effect from this can be... somewhat disturbing, to say the least.




None in Odain at this time.