hini Bonechild


Odain Alias: Chini


Played By: Shelby Scott


Homeworld: Notusia (an alt-reality form of 'Hell')


Physical Description: Chini is a waifish pale girl of about 15 years of age with messy lime-green hair and bright, glowing red eyes, both of them free of pupil and iris. She looks like she's probably gone without for a bit, clad in a well-worn black leather outfit that covers her chest, neck, forearms, outer thighs and feet, and rather scantily at that. Under that are enough ragged red cloth strips to keep her from chafing and from raising too many decency issues. The most obvious 'feature' on her body are the number of pointy bone spines and shards sticking out of various parts of her body; the most prominent at the ones jutting out of her elbows, forearms, jawline, knuckles and a wing-like row originating from the general area of her upper back. While it's not readily noticeable, her voice is a gravelly rasp, comparable to the voice of a 50-year habitual smoker.




Chini has only a pair of minor powers;


  • Darkvision: Chini's vision is attuned to seeing in near-dark or totally dark areas. In a decently-lighted area, her vision would lessen in clarity. Should she look directly into a light, she'll experience a form of flashburn, and lose all vision for a few minutes.


  • Bonechild's Meal: Chini, as can most bonechildren, can find limited nourishment from nearly any carbon-based material, even if it's considerably poisonous and/or harmful. Her teeth are amazingly tough and her jaws strong, giving her the ability to rip, grind and chew anything up to the toughness of inch-thick hemp rope in moments. This does nothing about the taste of the object, only allows it to be ground down, then run through the bonechild's remarkably tough digestive system (with little or no ill effects if there's any harmful substances contained in her meal).


Her bone spines are more or less natural weapons, but can break easily and cause Chini much pain. (See below)




Chini, aside from being as easy to harm and kill as a human, has added weaknesses attributed to her bonechild nature:


  • Should Chini be exposed to intense direct light, salt, or pure water, it would cause her first severe discomfort, then outright pain, slowly weakening her.


  • Chini's bone spines have minor blood vessels and nerve endings running through them, and cause her a good deal of pain if one is broken.


  • Chini, being the spawn of Notus, the Deciever of Nations and Devourer of Souls, cannot approach a (truthfully, not outwardly) 'faithful' religious person without permission, step on 'faith'-invested ground without permission from an occupant, or be in the immediate presence of any religious items with enough 'faith' invested into them, like an honest reverend's bible, a pentagram worn by an avid Wiccan, or a paladin's holy symbol. Any attempt to do otherwise causes Chini terrible agony.




Chini is a bonechild, the lowest of the low in Notusia, and has been raised to survive life at the bottom of the barrel. She's quite the urban survivor, and is skilled enough to defend herself from minor threats and to run from major ones. Aside from scavenging, stealing, hiding and self-defense, Chini is lacking in a complete 'high-school' education, and is illiterate.




Chini, aside from her (stolen) leather gear and the cloth she's wearing, carries nothing.




She may be a mere child, even moreso considering that bonechildren live for well over 200 years, but she, like all of her kind, has been forced to grow up and deal with the harsh reality of Notusia, and the harsher reality of its uncaring inhabitants. Living the last three years of her life more or less alone, Chini is both untrusting of others, yet seeking to find some sort of companionship to make her life a bit easier and safer. Regardless of her wishes and dreams, she's mentally tuned to surviving, living day to day off of the leftovers of the 'uppies'. Deep down, however, she wishes that she can escape the rat race and finally rest. Of course, she knows it's just a dream, but it's something she holds onto regardless.


Connections: None.


Theme Song: Hybrid Theory, "SuperXero"