iana Trace


Odain Alias: Diana


Homeworld: Variant Earth


Physical Description:


Diana, simply put, looks like a mess. She has black hair, generally tied back in a vague attempt at a ponytail, and the ends are singed, as if they'd been burned. She wears a pair of coke-bottle glasses on her face, and voluminous gold-and-crimson robes, patterned after a raging inferno... at this point, though, they're torn in several places and covered in soot. She carries a large, over-the-shoulder red bag she keeps her spellbooks in, but this too has scorch marks all over it. There's actually a remarkably pretty girl in the middle of all this, but it's hard to tell most of the time, and she doesn't pay enough attention to her appearance to bother making it more evident.


Aside from that, Diana is a little under six feet, has medium-brown skin, and gives off a bit more heat than a normal person.




Diana is a pyromancer, a fire mage. She can create fires, as well as control them. She can project heat instead of fire, if she wants to, and she is virtually immune to heat and flame herself. She can even heal burn wounds and control fire-aligned creatures, hellhounds and elementals and such, to a limited degree. The more powerful or complicated the spell, though, the more difficult it is to cast: Conjuring a globe of flame the size of a baseball barely takes a syllable and a flick of the wrist. Launching a fireball a few feet across takes a second or two to cast. Surrounding herself with a ring of flame, or extinguishing a bonfire, takes three or four, and so on. In general the heat spells are less effective but more precise than the fireballs and such. She also has two, more specific spells:


  • Immolation - Diana... well, bursts into flame. While she's doing this, her clothes are covered in fire as well; the overall effect is a lot like when the Human Torch of Marvel fame uses his powers. It's practical usefulness is fairly limited, though it makes things very difficult for anyone trying to grapple her. Mostly, she uses it to make herself look more impressive and powerful than she really is.


  • Dragonfire - This is her most focused, most powerful spell. She spends about a second casting it, then opens her mouth and breathes a stream of extremely hot fire, which stretches out to fifteen or twenty feet and is about five feet wide at the end. It has a relatively short range, and doesn't have the area of effect a large fireball would, but it can burn or melt through virtually anything in its path; anything that can withstand this spell is very much out of her league, and when something *does* deflect it her general reaction is to run away. Casting the spell leaves her with a sore throat and raspy voice for about an hour afterwards, which makes casting spells more difficult. Diana generally likes to save this spell for emergencies.


In general, Diana can teleport herself back to her home with a ritual. Odain is sort of a special case, though, and it'll probably be a couple months before she learns to cast the ritual there.




Diana is very nearsighted without her glasses, which is bad enough for anyone and even worse for someone who throws fireballs around. She's also much less used to cold than an ordinary person, and if she was ever unable to use her powers to warm herself up for some reason, she'd start to feel a chill rather quickly.


Also, it's more of a psychological blind spot than a physical weakness, but Diana doesn't have very much respect for technology. She views it as what the less gifted use to try and compensate for their lack of magic; interesting, yes, even brilliant at times, but hardly a match for the real thing.




Diana is an expert in magical theory, a naturally talented, if untrained, singer, and knows more about technology and modern society than most wizards from her world. That is to say, about half of what a normal person her age would know.




Diana carries a couple spellbooks around with her, both of which are treated with fire protection spells. The satchel she keeps them in is similiarly enchanted, as are all of her clothes. The spellbooks are more on the lines of general theory books, rather than D&D-style ones; if she lost them, she'd be upset, and she wouldn't be able to improve in magic, but she wouldn't lose the ability to cast the spells she does know. The only other item of note she has is her thick pair of glasses, which she has had longer than anything else, and has sort of "attuned" them to her--enough to repair them magically if they are damaged or broken, in about a day or so.




In general, Diana is a very kind person who does her best to be helpful. She's also, however, more prone to subtlety than force--confronted with an enemy, she's more likely to find out what she can about it and let other people handle the actual fighting than she is to start chucking fireballs around. The only exception to this is when she loses her temper; it takes a lot to make Diana angry, but when she is angry, it's generally best to be in a different time zone than her. She very strongly believes that people are generally decent in the end, that good will always triumph over evil, and that wrongdoers will be punished for their crimes, and it gets her in trouble, sometimes.




None of use. Diana is part of a council of wizards she neither expects nor wants help from; some people may remember her sister Pandora from the Nexus, but she doesn't advertise their relationship.