ideon Dross


Odain Alias: Gideon


Played By: Shelby Scott (


Homeworld: The Holy Etonian Empire


Physical Description:


Gideon is a somewhat short and sturdily built Caucasian male (roughly 5' 4" and 245 pounds, although he doesn't exactly look it) in his early 20s, with shining golden shoulder-length hair and matching iridescent gold eyes. He looks markedly handsome, in a bare-bones sort of way, since his face bears no distinguishing features, much like a perfectly sculpted mannequin's face would. His body is completely hair-free save for his head, and he notable lacks fingernails and toenails. His outfit consists of a billowing white long-sleeved tunic with gold trim, and matching flaring pants, both made from a silk-like material. On his feet are simple golden shoes that resemble china flats, and he wears a small, yet very special earring on his ear.




Gideon has been molded by his one-time benefactor, which he refers to as Him, into a self-replenishing 'white' energy battery of sorts. The energy that he possesses seem only usable to heal and protect, and have no negative uses whatsoever. Utilizing this energy, Gideon can perform the following:


  • Hymn: A simple song of purification that requires him to sing a short hymn and touch the item that is to be the Hymn's focus. With it, Gideon can cause minor ailments to ease, and some mildly harmful substances to become inert and harmless. Using Hymn on more powerful ailments or agents only lessen their effect and power. Hymn also has an effect on non-natural (magical or otherwise) factors as well, but to a lesser extent.


  • Truce: Gideon can project a weak, yet soothing aura into the general vicinity, taming hostile intent to some degree. This requires him to concentrate, and can quickly drain his internal store of energy.


  • Flood: Gideon's ability to heal is extensive and variable, ranging from patching up a few scrapes to maintaining the life of a near-fatally wounded individual. Flood is the least *and* most draining of his abilities, since a full-force heal with completely burn his store of energy out, while a simple painkilling effect makes a very minor dent on his reserves. Obviously, Flood requires Gideon to touch the afflicted person. Flood possesses one rather blatant side-effect for Gideon: as he commences with the healing, the physical pain his target is presently feeling is transferred to him at full-force, and quite suddenly. Sometimes he can maintain the healing with this happening, but in serious cases, he stands the chance of breaking it off should the pain be too overwhelming.


  • Grace: Gideon can generate a small 2'-by-2' 'breakfall' shield, enough to take the brunt of an attack, be it physical or otherwise, before the shield shatters and fades away into nothing. He can form it at anyplace that he can see, up to about a range of ten yards. Needless to say, this effect drains him considerably.


  • Bulwark: Gideon can also generate a harmless, yet quite forceful push of force, which appears as a shimmering hand in the air. Said hand can push with enough force to hold back an average-sized and average-strength male for a minute at most. After its power fades, the hand dissipates.


Gideon's internal store of energy can run dry after using his powers, and will render him incapable of using them again until he either rests for a decent period of time. (Roughly 8 hours to replenish a completely depleted store) His healing powers also will have less effect on a person if they don't wish to be healed by him, or harbor negative feelings toward Gideon.


Gideon, although he is unaware of it, is highly receptive to spirits, and is able to see them and hear their 'words'.




Gideon is still quite human, and can be killed as such. He's also incapable of using his own powers for his own benefit, no matter how close to death he might be or how dangerous the situation is. Also, should someone harboring evil intent touch him, Gideon will literally wilt in agony, and remain unable to act for a time, depending on the 'evil' he felt.


On a more mental note, Gideon is completely pacifistic, and is almost incapable of fathoming the concept of deceit, hate, and other such 'negative' acts. This makes him remarkably easy to fool and sway, since he is totally trusting of someone unless he's explicitly seen them cause another harm.




Gideon is intelligent, and a fast learner, but is mostly trained to perform more complex forms of heavy labor. On occasion, he is allowed to lead in the daily teachings, and had shown his superiors that he had potential to become the leader of his house of fellow drones. Thus, Gideon is quite literate and very articulate, and has no trouble with conveying what he wants to say.


Recently, before his banishment to Odain, Gideon took it upon himself to follow the calling of Him, and traveled all over Etonia, picking up bits and pieces of skills and ideas as he spread the words of his new benefactor. Thus, he could be considered a very low-end jack-of-all-trades with the book smarts of a high-school graduate.




  • Logos: The sacred text of Etonia, from which their entire government was based. Said to have been written by those inspired by Him itself, the copy that Gideon carries is a beautiful hardbound book with a locking latch and gold-leaf etching all over. Inside, the book is... somewhat worn, having been read and written upon many times. Inside is a small pencil-like stylus and a small sharpening knife.


  • Staff: A simple wooden staff that Gideon has carried with him for the last year or so. It bears, etched on its surface, the names of the cities that Gideon visited during his travels.


  • Earring: The earring that Gideon wears is a small, solid-gold affair with an odd pearl-like object set in the middle of it. If one looks at the pearl, it seems to try and escape one's focus. This has various religious connotations, which Gideon would be more than willing to explain if asked.


  • Backpack: Carries an extra outfit, a bedroll, and about a week's-worth of food for Gideon. The Logos is usually in there as well.




Gideon is perhaps the model of selfless kindness, a bright, cheerful and happy young man more or less bursting with purpose, caring and curiosity. He will do his best to make friends with anyone he can, be it instantly or over time. Gideon, on the other hand, does not understand the basic concept of how a person could be 'evil', nor has he ever seen an overtly evil act performed personally. The lifetime of being taught that the world is a peaceful, perfect place has had its effect on him, and he has only begun to see that perhaps there are some people that don't really know that the world is supposed to be that way. He can be easily lied to, misled, and misused, and not think negatively of it at all if he remains unaware to his 'friend's' hidden motives.




Gideon has none upon being banished (he believes that he's been sent on a journey to spread the Logos) to Odain.




Sarah Brightman, "Eden"