Odain alias: Go


Played By: Antaeus Feldspar


Homeworld: Original -- unknown but Earthlike


Physical Description:


Most casual human observers would assume (incorrectly) that Go is human.  He is actually a satyr, whose goat legs and hooves are hidden beneath the battered, dusty clothes he wears, reminiscent of those of farm laborers.  He stands about 5'6", and carries a wooden staff to help him walk.  Beneath a broad-brimmed hat that shields him from the sun, he has shaggy brown hair, a moustache and beard, and tired brown eyes.  Currently, his right hand is stunted, weak and pale; it has been burned and even more recently frost-bitten; however, it seems to be slowly re-growing.




Go has no powers under his conscious control.  However, he has demonstrated a high degree of stamina, and a regenerative ability that works slowly but heals some otherwise permanent conditions.  He is very long-lived, as he has definitely lived a number of millennia even to the extent of his somewhat sketchy knowledge.




Go is not truly human, though he may appear so.  This is the source of most of his weakness:  just maintaining as much of a human posture as he can causes him pain, and his animal instincts do not serve him well in navigating human social interaction.  He is not a very good abstract thinker, and he is illiterate.




Go truly does not possess much in the way of skills.  He can fend for himself in the wild, a task made easier by the fact of his strong endurance.  He can perform most tasks associated with the running of a low-technology household or farm.




Go has few possessions.  Besides the rough clothing he wears and the wooden staff that helps him walk, he has a short dagger made all of metal, which he usually carries concealed.  This dagger is quite crude in form, but it is made of unknown metal and nothing has yet been found that can even bend it.  He now guards also a single feather that has both personal and religious significance for him.




Go is at times a very simple creature, and at other times quite complex.  Despite his human shape, he is still mostly animal, and is driven by the longings of that animal side -- especially the desires to rut and reproduce.  At the same time, he tries to suppress those desires, fearing that he will be punished for them.  He is now wrestling with many concepts that were almost unknown to his life before:  kindness, forgiveness, freedom...




Go has several friends and acquaintances.  The two most important are his Goddess, and Bella, the halfling cleric of Deneir.  He tries to fulfill his Goddess's wishes as best as he knows how, but is frustrated by her apparent unwillingness to make her wishes known.  It's Bella he turns to most of the time, then, for advice and guidance; though they serve different gods, he deeply respects her wisdom and strives to follow it.  Others who are important to him include Professor Oak, who often confuses Go with philosophy; and Ryo Sanada, one of the first to befriend him when he came to the Tower.




Go has lived for about 2400 years, to his best recollection.  For nearly all of that time, he was a slave to the cruel wizard-priest who forced him into human semblance.  Go attempted to betray his master; his master attempted to kill him, and inadvertently gave him the freedom to escape.  He found his way to a mysterious Tower where a great many others were residing; after conversations with some of them, he decided that the Goddess one of them served had summoned him there, that he might serve her also.


Plot Purpose:


Go is still puzzling out some big questions, such as the meanings of life and what it truly means to be good.  His search for the answers may cause other characters to examine their own beliefs as they interact with Go.