buki Nakayama


Odain Alias: Ibuki


Physical Description:


Ibuki is a rather average-looking woman, wearing a white hooded sweater with drawstrings for the hood dangling a few inches down from the collar and a pair of blue jeans. Her hair is black, long, straight, and simple, hanging down to her shoulders and in two especially long strands that fall on each side of her face. She has brown eyes.




Ibuki can invoke the powers of her blade, Sotsugyou, and use minor Rituals which are described as follows:


Rituals are a form of magic that is practiced among the elite Hunters of Ibuki's world, used for a myriad of purposes ranging from simple bodily healing to the banishment of demons. As Ibuki is still a fledgling Hunter, she doesn't know too many Rituals; the ones she does know are the essential basics to her occupation.


  • Ritual 45, Pure Snow: Ibuki closes her eyes and falls into a trance-like state for anywhere from ten seconds to half an hour, depending on the severity of her wounds. While in this state, Ibuki must remain focused on her meditation, as any form of disruption or movement will break the healing process. She can heal herself of most minor injuries and some major ones, but cannot revive herself from unconsciousness or death or knit together severe wounds (i.e. deep cuts, broken bones). She cannot heal anyone except herself with this Ritual. Pure Snow can be performed a couple times a day, and is usually eschewed in favor of simply getting sleep, as it requires Ibuki to concentrate the entire time it is being used.


  • Ritual 23, Red Shoes: Ibuki concentrates for approximately five seconds (this can be done covertly, although with this spell there usually isn't a need to), and discs of red energy surround her feet, giving her the power to run moderately faster than she is usually capable of. The Ritual lasts up to half an hour, and can be cancelled anytime she wishes. This Ritual can be used frequently, although Ibuki usually does not have a reason to do so.


  • Ritual 56, Pray: Ibuki concentrates for about six seconds (this can be done covertly), and manifests a glowing ball of red energy approximately the size of a grapefruit in one hand. She can then throw this energy, which goes at a fast but not unavoidable pace, which will strike the enemy and bind them with strands of red power for about five minutes. The strands can be fairly easily broken with magical force, assuming the time needed to maneuver an appropriate cutting blast into position, and will part with the same physical force needed to break steel chains. This Ritual can be used about six times per day.


  • Ritual 98, Call 177: The main sealing Ritual, this is used primarily for sealing weakened spirits away into another plane of existence where they belong, although it can be used on pretty much any object that's willing to sit there for the duration of the Ritual. Ibuki raises her hands in front of her, two fingers extended on each, and a circular insignia will slowly begin to appear in the space in front of the target. After a length of time-- approximately twenty seconds--Ibuki will conclude the Ritual by gesturing and closing the insignia, whisking the target away from sight. This Ritual is extremely exhausting and can only be performed once a day, whether it is successful or not; it also can be interrupted (in very dangerous fashions) if something steps in the space between Ibuki and the insignia or if someone breaks her concentration at any point before the closure of the insignia. Due to the transplanar effects of this magic, it may not work as originally intended on Odain, though it will certainly have _some_ effect.




Typical weaknesses a young woman would have. In addition, Ibuki never quite learned how to cook and literally can't make anything to save her life.




Ibuki is a beginning Hunter, which means she can use Rituals (magic) a bit, can swordfight, and generally is in pretty good shape. She's also a second-year college student, and has the approximate education level of one. In addition to this knowledge, she's familiar (but not wholly educated) on the workings of malicious spirits, the lore behind her occupation, and random tidbits about the occult.




Sotsugyou, her blade. Normally, this weapon is a small knife approximately five inches long, tucked in a thick leather pouch that's clasped on the inside of the right back pocket of her blue jeans. In this state, it does pretty much what a little pocketknife would do; however, should she wish to, Sotsugyou can expand in size until the blade is two feet long, with the handle and hilt magnifying proportionally. These changes in size remain until Ibuki (or someone else with the proper skill) changes it. It also cannot become smaller than the normal pocketknife size, and is tougher than most normal swords, although it is not unbreakable.


Ibuki also has a wallet with her college ID, driver's license, a credit card, a library card, a good amount of money (to buy food), and a small picture album inside.




Ibuki is casual, easygoing and a bit sarcastic and blunt at times. She also has a hardened nature due to what she's seen in her time as a Hunter, and therefore isn't easily impressed. She also has a good deal of common sense, which is unfortunately coupled with a sense of the slightly-overconfident impetuous heroism of a novice, a trait that has gotten her in trouble before.


Connections: None in Odain.