rvine Kinneas


Odain Alias: Irvine


Played by: Newaz


Origin: FF8-Universe, Post-FF8


Physical Description:


Irvine is a male Caucasian human, standing at an even 6' tall, and is 18 years old. He has reddish-brown hair that is pulled back in a ponytail and reaches about mid-back in length, as well as two thick parts of hair that hang down over both temples, off to the side blue eyes slightly, and reach to his chin. He is a very handsome young man, and has a killer smile to go with it..... okay, I guess you could say bishounen, if you so desired. Irvine is very cowboyish-looking. He wears a dark purple vest with dark brown pants and cowboy boots, with a long tan leather duster that reaches to the back of his knees. And to top the outfit off, a black cowboy hat. He also wears a silvery ornation around his neck, and fingerless black gloves. And lastly, he is never seen without his silver rifle, Exeter model, at close hand.




Since Irvine does not have any GFs, he is incapable of using any magic. And until Irvine can junction to a GF, he is completely without magical abilities or powers of other nature.




Irvine does *not* do well under pressure. If placed in a situation of extreme importance, and his sole actions will determine the outcome, he will most definitely crack and collapse, becoming completely overwhelmed by self-doubt to the point where he can barely move. And as a given, since he is human, Irvine is succeptable to physical attacks, as well mental, magical, and the like.




Irvine only has one skill that is of any mention: Irvine is a master marksman. He is known as "The Best Shooter In The Garden" back in Galbadia. Irvine has extensive training with rifles, and can use almost any gun with ease. Irvine can hit almost any target at any range, if given a proper gun and time to sight up. Irvine has excellent aim, and usually needs little sight in time. He can easily hit close/medium range targets easily with his rifle, provided the target isn't dodging around too much, and long range is only a bit harder if he has the right gun. His rifle, Exeter, however, is a short/medium range.




Irvine's only possesion, despite his clothing, is his Exeter rifle. It feeds it's ammo from the clip in the handle, and each clip holds 20 bullets. Irvine has several clips with him, but will need another source if he expends his ammo supply. Exeter is a semi-automatic rifle, but the recoil causes Irvine to use a second or two to aim after shots.




Irvine is a true-to-heart ladies man. He cherishes the company of women over that of men, and will uphold a woman's pride without question. He is also quite flirtatous, and won't think twice about switching his affections around to several women in a single day. He also, as expected, won't be light with any and all compliments that he thinks will make his impression better. Irvine has a large amount of charm about him, but sometimes comes across as a bit too pushy, and is rejected often. But even when that happens, Irvine keeps his smile and isn't dampered in his quest. He's a little different around men, but he's still quite laid back, as he usually is, and can be thought of as uncaring and frivolous at a glance. Despite that, those who get to know him will find that he's actually quite serious and sensitive. Lastly, he is a very good gunfighter when it comes down to the line. When it comes time to fight he loses any pettiness or squabbles he has and switches into an extremely efficient gunman.




Irvine's has connections with Galbadia and Balamb Garden, along with his friends from his world, but that was only before he was sucked into Odain. He currently has no connections within.