saac Soukhanis


Odain Alias: Isaac


Played By: Ben-San Arizona




Isaac is a thirty-eight-year-old man of indeterminate Mediterranean ancestry. His hair is black and in large but tight curls, and his eyes are dark brown. He is only about 5'5" tall. Although not in remarkably poor shape, he's hardly exceptional physically.




Isaac is a rather competent Rune Mage, able to cast spells by inscribing or writing runes he devises. In theory, he is capable of doing just about anything if he can devise an appropriate rune. However, in practice several factors limit his power.


  • Size: Channeling more power into a spell requires a larger rune. A spell to keep rats from crossing an entranceway could be inscribed on a large coin. A spell to keep humans out would require a rather large sheet of paper or a small poster. A spell barring lesser demons would likely take up the entire door, and a rune keeping out more powerful demons would occupy most of the wall.


  • Complexity: Just as a larger rune must be employed to channel more power, the rune must become more complex in order to shape that power. Increased complexity may partially compensate for limited size by using the channeled power more efficiently. Particularly strong or complicated effects may require hours with a fine-tipped pen, especially if space is limited.


  • Materials: Certain writing materials are better-suited to certain spells. In general, more magically "powerful" materials, such as powdered gold, cinnabar, or blood, allow more powerful effects than "base" materials such as fireplace ash or commercial ink. "Mixed" materials will generally have weaker effects than purified materials or natural inks, although certain mixtures may empower certain spells. In the case of carved runes, the material into which the rune is carved is important, although not so much so as in the case of written runes.


  • Nature: Some types of spells are better suited to rune magic than others. In particular, wardings, banishings/summonings, divinations, certain alterations, and minor illusions are well-suited to rune magic, while elemental effects, destructive magic, mind magic, and similar such are ill-suited to the form and may be impossible short of heinously large and complex runes made of absurdly obscure materials.


  • Time: Obviously, large or complex runes take longer to write, especially since care must be taken with more powerful spells to avoid disastrous results.




Isaac is basically a normal human, and not an especially outstanding one at that. He's vulnerable to all the usual stuff, from a shot to the face all the way down to a boot to the head.




Isaac's most important piece of equipment is a ritual silver pen. It's capped at each end; at one end is a fountain pen tip, while the other is a diamond-tipped inscriber. It is marked around the middle with the seal of a secretive organization on his home Earth. Additionally, he has a small metal flask of squid ink, a sheaf of high-quality paper, a Leatherman's Tool, and a hip flask of Glenlivet.




Isaac speaks several languages and reads several more, and has connections in a number of unusual places on his home Earth. He's a fairly skilled cryptographer; his training as a Rune Mage has given him a strong understanding of the nature of written language, and he picks up new written languages quickly.




Isaac is a traitor to his race, and knows it. He's quick-witted enough to be able to conceal what guilt he feels, but is nervous about the possibility of his secret being discovered. He puts his own interest first, but his self-interest is enlightened; if it will help him to help others, he will do so.




Isaac is amazingly well-connected in his own Earth, mostly to other members of his organization. In Odain, he has no connections of note.