Odain Alias: Jabari


Played By: Spider


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Jabari is sixteen years old, average height and athletic build, of what would be called African descent if his world had an Africa. He shaves his head, and wears a dark blue uniform with a red cloak.




Psionic in nature. It may be worth noting that Jabari wasn't born with an X-Factor in his genes, or experimented on by mad scientists, or anything of the sort; he simply grew up in an institution where these things are taught, and had a degree of psionic potential "implanted" into his brain by the leader of the institution, a psion of great power.


He can project bursts of force from his hands, out to about eighty or ninety feet at full power, capable of battering people around, hurling them backwards, and flipping heavier objects over. There's a little bit of physical exertion involved in this, and each burst equires about as much effort as throwing a punch. He can also project force in every direction, for a few feet; this isn't terribly handy most of the time, but it does have its uses. For example, it makes grappling with him very hard to do. It also lets him deflect weak attacks.


"Real" telekinesis, moving things around with his mind, is something Jabari never got the hang of; his limit is a few pounds at one time, and he's actually a little embarassed about his inability. He has, however, learned how to fly, both slowly for long periods of time, and in short bursts of speed. He has a little telepathic ability; enough to mentally communicate with telepaths or people who are psionically receptive, but not with most ordinary people.




The usual for humans; other than that, Jabari's abilities of course require thought, so anything that can effectively keep him from thinking too much can also keep him from using his powers well.




Psionic training takes up most of Jabari's time, so his skills outside of that are somewhat limited. He knows a fair amount of math, and some art; he's a pretty good sculptor, for someone his age.




Jabari carries a razor with him, a pocketwatch, and some loose change; other than that and his uniform, he's basically empty-handed.




Very... neutral. Jabari isn't cold or unfeeling, but he has been taught to adjust quickly to strange situations and accept them without complaint or outward confusion. As such, he usually comes across as unflappable and almost jaded, despite his age. He's nice, in a careful sort of way, and always sure to be polite.




None in Odain, and enough people in the institute were scattered across the dimensions that he probably won't be missed.