ustonav Rmento TemToria


Odain Alias: Justonav


Played By: JustinR []


Homeworld: Slayersverse


Character Description:


Justonav is about 6'3", with wild, spiky blonde, almost golden hair. He has one golden eye, and weird, hazy eye with fluctuating colors that he usually keeps hidden under a bandage. He mostly wears large, overdone olive-green mage robes and usually carries a shovel around for some unknown reason.




Justonav is a master illusionist. He can produce almost flawless illusions that encompass all five senses, but these illusions are temporary, and only last as long as he concentrates on them. Simpler, one or two sense illusions can last for a short while without Justonav's concentration, but only for about a minute. These illusions cannot be detected by spells that merely search for magic, but spells specifically made to detect illusions will reveal them.


In addition to his illusions, Justonav knows the following spells:


  • Flare Arrow- An arrow made out of fire. It has little or no concussive damage; most of its damage is dealt through burning or cutting.


  • Freeze Arrow- An arrow made out of ice. When it strikes its target, it encases an area of around three feet cubed in ice. The ice is fairly tough, although not rock hard. A few solid blows would shatter it.


  • Mono Volt- Justonav's hands charge with electricity. If he manages to touch someone, the shock should be enough to knock most people unconscious.


  • Windy Shield- A mild barrier spell that requires the user to stand still while its in use. It can deflect most small spells and projectiles, including smaller caliber guns, (basically anything .38 caliber and lower) but is not so useful against melee combat.


  • Levitation- Duh. Justonav can float in the air and move around. He can also use spells while doing so, except for Windy Shield. The spell's duration is around a half hour, and it can be kept up without concentration. It allows him to move through the air at a fast rate, but not enough to outrun most projectiles.


  • Chaos String- Several white, magical strings shoot from Justonav's hands, and if they hit, bind around the target, immobilizing them. Strong characters should be able to break through the bonds with some difficulty.


Also, when uncovered, Justonav's strange eye has a mild perception of auras.




Justonav has about the same weaknesses as a normal person, and his somewhat off-kilter psyche leaves him very vulnerable to psionic attacks.




In addition to spell usage, Justonav knows a variety of other skills, mostly to enhance his ability to disguise himself. These include a little bit of sewing, smithing, farming, and most common jobs inherit to a medieval world. He's also uncannily good at mimicry and forgery, as well as healing techniques, for some reason.




Justonav carries various small weapons in between the folds of his robes, including three daggers, a whip, and spade. He also carries a book full of seeming gibberish with him, but nothing else.




Justonav is... off kilter, to say the least. His devotion to L-Sama has caused him to embrace a less then rational thought process. His moods change frequently, he sometimes contradicts himself, and he's not reliable at all, even when he seems to be serious. It's best to expect the unexpected around him.




Justonav was once a priest, but during a crisis he got converted to the side of L-Sama, a deity representing primal chaos in the Slayers world. During his travels to the Nexus, Justonav came to know a lot of people, (mostly as enemies), and carries over these "connections" to Odain.