anjit Seishu


Odain Alias: Kanjit


Played by: Chris Vincent


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Kanjit stands 5' 9".  He has shoulder length dark black hair that he keeps tied back in a ponytail.  He's a muscular young man of a moderately dark complexion, and looks about 20 years old (He's 21). His eyes are brown.  He typically wears a pair of loose fitting black pants, and a baggy faded red shirt.  He doesn't normally wear any shoes.  He wears a pair of black steel gauntlets (see equipment and weaknesses), which cover his arms up to the elbows.




Kanjit's extensive training in the art of Tetsuken Ryu, he is able to manipulate his own ki energy, or 'inner strength'.  When focused, Kanjit's strength and speed are increased to the absolute maximum of human ability.  He's essentially a world champion weightlifter, runner, gymnast, and long jumper.  However, the energy required to perform at this level is tremendous. Kanjit cannot maintain this state for more than 5 minutes at a time, once a day.  After doing so, he is completely exhausted, and must rest for at least 2 hours before regaining the ability to function at normal capacity.




  • Gauntlets: Kanjit's gauntlets are composed of dark, dull black steel.  They're about 7 lbs apiece, and are covered in intricate runes, which are carved into the metal.  These aren't your typical gauntlets, as they're solid metal from the wrist to the tips of the fingers.  This is because they were made especially for Kanjit, to replace his lost hands.  They were created by a great blacksmith, through runic magic.  Kanjit can control them as though they were his real hands, and adhere to his arms by magic. (Note: his arms would rip off before you could exert enough force to pull them off him)  They provide him with no extra lifting power, but they are considerably stronger than human hands, and are capable of causing a large amount of bruising and cracked bone if used to squeeze a human hand at full strength.  They are as durable as modern top quality steel.


  • Travel bag: Kanjit carries a small canvas drawstring bag, which carries a few personal items.  Inside is a straight razor, a pair of sandals, eating utensils, and a few changes of clothes, all of which are identical to his usual garb.




Kanjit is an excellent martial artist, especially in empty-handed combat.  He's extremely flexible, agile, and has very high endurance.  Without using his ki, he can bench about 300 lbs. He's a highly skilled gymnast, and a very fast runner.  He's well skilled in wilderness survival, and can life off the land in most locations without any difficulty.  He has about the same knowledge of first aid techniques as you would expect of a soldier.




Kanjit is a cool, collected, and logical young man.  He's respectful and well mannered at all times.  He's lived a hard life, and come through it as best he can.  He is however, deeply saddened by the cruelty and hardship he's seen and experienced.  He fears that darkness may be starting to unbalance the light.  He feels like he has to do whatever he can to prevent this from happening.  He's deeply committed to protecting those he considers friends, and won't hesitate to put his life on the line for them.




Anti-magic effects can nullify Kanjit’s gauntlets.  If this happens, he temporarily loses control of them, and they fall off his arms.  Kanjit is also rather ashamed of his disfigurement.  He feels like a part of his humanity was cut off along with his hands, as he can't feel any sensation other than relative pressure through the gauntlets.


Connections: None in Odain, as of yet.