Real name: Kazin


Played By: Devin C Knox


Home world: Rune (Shining Force 2 continuity)


Physical Appearance


Kazin appears as a young man of about 21 years old, though he is really an elf of about 120. Kazin stands 5'5" tall, with long blonde hair and green eyes.  Kazin has a fairly feminine physique, and can easily be mistaken for a girl.  If called ma'am or madam, he will take extreme offense.  Kazin dresses in tan robes, a brown cape, and a brown witch's cap.  Kazin keeps himself and all his robes as clean as possible at all times.




Kazin is a powerful wizard, his skills have come in handy during many battles against the demon Zeon.  His spell list is as follows:


  • Blaze: (Level 1) This spell creates a blast of heat directed at a single opponent. 
  • (level 2) This spell creates a rain of embers in a generalized area.  This can cause burns on exposed skin. The rain lasts for up to 15 seconds.
  • (Level 3) A heavier rain of embers than level 2. it also lasts 15 seconds longer than level 2.  It still may cause burns on exposed skin.
  • (Level 4) Fire encircles any one given target.  This may cause major burns. Kazin can and will rarely use this spell.  This ring of fire lasts up to 15 seconds.
  • The effects of the blaze spell can only damage the target; any nearby flammable material will not catch on fire.  This is the same for all levels of the blaze spell.


  • Muddle:  This spell causes a given targets mind to fog, and the target to become confused for a given time (Time varies with mental acuity and will power.  Minimum of 2-3 minutes) During this confusion the target will be paranoid, delusional, seem drunken, or even be scared out of it's wits (this is the player of the targets choice on how the confused character will act)


  • Silence:  This spell causes a target to not be able to use incantations for up to 3 minutes.  As well it takes away any targets speech ability for the duration of the spell.




Kazin is not the fittest fiddle.  When it comes to hand-to-hand battle, most anybody can beat him into the ground.  He isn't even all that strong either.  Kazin's punches feel like his taps on the shoulder.


Kazin has no spell immunity that most elves of other dimensions have.


Kazin can cast spells only if he has enough energy.  The heavier the spell the more draining it is on him.  Kazin has enough energy to cast Blaze level 4 twice, but if he used all that energy at once he would have known left if he needed it.


Kazin can only gain back energy by sleeping.  In order to get full energy from none, he will need to sleep for 24 hours. 




Kazin is a well-educated young elf.  He has learned much in the ways of alchemy, etiquette, magic, public speaking, society, world languages and writing, and the history of Rune.  Through his studies he believes himself a rather knowledgeable person and prepared for almost any situation. Kazin can speak elven, dwarven, halfling, common, draconic, goblin, avian, centuarian, and even beastmanish (werewolf)




Kazin only keeps with him what he needs, and what he can carry. His equipment is as follows:


  • Spell Book:  This holds a listing of everything need for his spells.


  • Guardian Staff:  This mysterious rod appears as a normal staff of wood.  At the top is the shape of a dragons head which is holding a large blue gem in it's jaw.  This staff is able to move free of it's controller at it's controllers bidding.  When it is moving freely it will guard it's master.


Kazin also carries with him a change of clothes.




Kazin is very shy and reserved.  This is due to a fear of abandonment.  When Kazin was a baby his parents abandoned him, and the historian (and hermit) Hawel adopted the child.  He taught Kazin and his real son, Chaz, all that he knew.  One day, while returning from town with a visitor for Hawel, Kazin came to the hermit's hutch to find him being murdered by Galam soldiers.  This traumatic event stays and burns in Kazin's mind.  Kazin is also prone to shouting if he is lied to or feels he is being lied to.  As well, when it comes to have a problem, Kazin will be the last to admit it.  Kazin commonly refuses help with any problem unless it is needed beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Despite his fears, Kazin is very polite and well educated.  When in a conversation Kazin will often show very little, if any, fear or awkwardness. He is always well mannered, and always is willing to assist with other people problems.  But, all and all, Kazin keeps to himself and his studies. 




Kazin had many connections back on his Home world.  He felt very close to the entire force that he had traveled with for the better part of 3 years.  He had even fallen for a young elven cleric named Sarah, who only thought of him as a friend.  This was painful to him, but he never showed his pain to anybody.  The memories of these people are often his strength in hard times, but can be his weaknesses at others.


Kazin has no connections in Odain.