Odain Alias: Kyrie


Played By: John Cuykendall (spoffy220@yahoo.com)


Homeworld: Original (metaconcept of the Breath of Fire series)


Physical Description:


Kyrie looks like a human girl of 14, with green eyes and shoulder-length red hair (usually kept in a ponytail).  She stands less than 5' tall and has a very slim build.  Her normal outfit is a rust-colored tunic with a green vest, white leggings, short boots and a silver necklace with a green agate.  The only major difference that sets her apart from humans is a pair of snowy white-feathered wings on her back.  At full extension, the wings span about ten feet.  Her shirt and vest have a special opening in back shaped like the "breathing" flap on a rain jacket so her wings can move freely.




Kyrie belongs to a race of magical winged beings known as the "Windians," who are basically a cross between humans and birds.  They rarely exceed five and a half feet in height and weigh less than a hundred pounds.  In order to fly, Windians have hollow bones and strong hearts that can hold their weight in the air.  As a result they have excellent stamina and agility, and their eyesight, hearing and sense of balance are also much improved.


Kyrie is also in the process of learning magic.  Her specialty is fire magic, but she has some spells involving wind and lightning as well.  None of them are strong enough to cause any lasting damage at the moment, though her fire spells could catch things on fire.  Creating a small ball of flame, giving an opponent a sharp jolt, or blowing out a candle is about the limit of her abilities at the moment.  She can cast one spell every few minutes without tiring herself too much, but if she tries casting several in a row they start to lose power and effectiveness as she wears herself down.




Windians may be injured or killed like human beings, and they tend to be hurt more by physical attacks (due to their light weight and hollow bones).  They are also weaker than humans and if caught on the ground they are at a disadvantage.  Kyrie has no training at hand-to-hand combat and so she's pretty much defenseless without her magic.  She is also vulnerable to water-based magic or just plain water (if her wings get waterlogged they become too heavy to fly).




Kyrie has a good grip on the basics of magical theory, but only the basics.  Past that she has some skill at cooking, sewing, reading and writing music, playing the flute and getting in trouble (though she swears the last one isn't intentional).


Equipment: Aside from her clothing, none (her necklace is non-magical).




Cheerful, bright, fun to be around.  Kyrie is pretty open-minded and doesn't sweat the small stuff.  She can be a bit hot-blooded and stubborn at times, but most of the time she's very practical and level-headed (which is good when you can throw fire around).  Still, she has been known to get herself into some interesting situations.


Connections: None.




Kyrie was scouted out by the School of Magic in Windia as a potential candidate and passed the entrance exam with flying colors.  Her time at the School was an interesting one, both for her and for her professors.  After setting the lab on fire and calling a swarm of "fire"flies by accident (and racking up a week's worth of detention and commode-cleaning as a result), she was sent to a local cave to gather some mushrooms for use as spell components.  Once she was finished, however, she was unable to find the exit . . .