Odain alias: Mar


Played By: Tiffa


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Before all, it should be pointed that Mar is an elf. That being said...


She has pointy ears and is shorter than a human, about 5'4 in height. She also has blue hair that reaches down to her waist and is tied in a simple tail, and blue eyes. Imbedded in her forehead, she has a teardrop-shaped sapphire, that is usually out of sight because of her hair. Even though Mar is about 500 years old, she looks like a 30 year old woman if you look from afar (the advantages of being an elf).




Mar is a skilled magician. Her specialty is water magic, being able to create up to a gigantic geyser of scalding water (her best skill). She also knows a simple teleport spell she seldom uses, as it leaves her very tired, and a slightly powerful cure spell (it can heal small wounds, probably up to large gashes, but it strains her). She's pretty good with her magic, but she uses it sparingly as it weakens her, depending on the kind of spell she uses. As in, the giant geyser and the teleport spell take a lot out of her, the cure spell drains her a little, and creating a small torrent of water is easy.




... Aside from the fact that she can pretty much die like a mortal (well, except by age... she has a lot to live), none... Oh, well, there IS her leg, which was crippled long ago, but it was repaired by Goukin... although said repair COULD go to hell with too much strain.




Besides her magic, Mar is a skillful swordsman (swordswoman?). Her specialty is large, Double handed swords (as is, she can't handle a small, normal sword comfortably ;P). She has also learned some staff fighting from her friend. Without a weapon, Mar is pretty defenseless as she isn't fast on her feet at all. In other mundane skills... Mar is a rather GOOD cook, a nice seamstress, as well as a good artist




Her walking staff. It looks like a normal, wooden staff, but the wood is fossilized, thus it is VERY hard to break. The staff has no magic properties at all, but Mar can usually will it to return to her hand if she isn't thinking of anything else. Her sword. A long, thin magical blade. Made to be wielded with two hands (Although she can use it with one). It is never in normal sight, It appears when Mar wills it to, in her hand. It cannot be broken. Mar seldom uses it. She wears a simple blue and white sleeveless robe, and is rarely seen with anything else. Mar, somewhere, keeps a book and a pen where she keeps notes of things she has learned or people she has met. Around her neck, she has a small wooden amulet given to her by Aress.




Mar is friendly, very, very friendly, to just about anyone she meets. Seeing her without a smile on her face is rare. She's also rather curious, almost like a child, about things she doesn't know, mostly technology. She also very polite to anybody that greets her, usually bowing slightly to them. She's refined on her manners... most of the time. Mar doesn't insult anybody... unless she is being direct. There is only things that Mar won't be respectful or friendly to are orcs, trolls, goblins, and the sorts. She usually opts to ignore them. Mar is also... quite the flirt. Men and women alike, she doesn't really care. The most important thing of all, Mar is a warrior before all. She isn't afraid to kill anybody, and if she finds herself in the need to do so, she will, without regrets. Oh, one last thing. Mar has the very, INCREDIBLY annoying tendency of just appearing behind people when she wants to talk to them, thus scaring the hell out of them most of the time. ^_^




She has her family and friends back home.

Mar knows quite a few people in Odain