eiri Umino


Odain Alias: Meiri


Played By: Tiffa


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Meiri is a young half-elven woman, with long and pointed ears. Meiri's hair goes somewhere below her waist, and its still two colored. Right side is a fire red, and left side deep blue. Her right eye is red, and her left is is blue as well.


Meiri has two other forms, her fire form, in which all her hair and both eyes are red, and her water form, in which both eyes and all her hair are blue. Also, when in fire form, Meiri appears to have a slightly tanned complexion, while in water form, she is paler than usual.




Meiri is a rather skillful mage. Her right side controls fire and her left side controls water and ice. Meiri IS fairly powerful, and knows many spells that Justonav taught her.


While in her fire form (which she can achieve at will, or when hit by fire), Meiri can do: Flare Arrow, Fireball, and Flame Bit (multiple Fireballs, she can pull out 8 small ones at most). She can do more (like a non-explosive fireball) but she'll use the three above the most often.


While in water mode (which she can achieve at will or when hit by water), Meiri can do: Freeze Arrow, Icicle Lance, and Demona Crystal. She can also do some water spells (like a wave of water), but, again, she'll use the three above the most often.


While in her normal form, Meiri can do weaker versions of Fireball, Icicle Lance, and Demona Crystal. She, however, has a set of rather... nasty Antipode attacks (both fire and water). Between them, she has one that looks like a Freeze/Flare arrow, a "Flame Bit" consisting on up to four spheres of both fire and water, and her most powerful attack, her original ball of fire and water, which now can be a nasty attack.


Meiri has resistance to both fire and water/ice attacks while in her normal form. While in either of her Fire/Water forms, she's weak to the other element, while is practically invulnerable to the respective element.


This is the story of a little girl that wanted to fly. Guess what? She made it.


Meiri was fascinated at the whole flying prospect, and was often mad since she couldn't use magic that facilitated this, nor did she had wings. After much discussion, Dr. Hayashi and Dr. Brown agreed to help her.


For a trade in power, Meiri gained the ability to fly. How?


While in her fire form, Meiri will produce large, fire wings in her back. This wings, if touched, don't really burn, they feel more like a stream of hot air. They do, however, enable Meiri to fly, quite high, and quite quickly. The wings can't be destroyed by any normal means, although some magic might do the trick. These wings are present whenever she's in fire form.


As a tradeoff, in her water form, she produces some sort of... fins. Think the ones of a flying fish (that the name? @_o). This appear in her back, while in her feet, smaller version appear. This enables her to swim, quite quickly. They aren't solid, much as her fire wings, and touching them (or phasing a hand through :P) will only give the impression of cold air. These only appears while in water mode, and are always present.




Meiri isn't exactly strong. She -does- know martial arts, but getting hit by her... well, doesn't really hurt.


Also, Meiri reacts differently than expected to most magic spells, notoriously, effect spells (Mute, Muddle, ect.)


As it is, a Mute or Silence spell will render her into a -coma- for as long the spell is up.


Dispelling spells make her dizzy, and will knock her out of either Fire or Water form.


Drain spells will slowly kill her.


Meiri also seems to be.. slightly insane now.


She also has an almost irrational fear of death.




Meiri is a great swimmer (even moreso now with her "fins"), and knows a fair deal about magic. (She -knows- more spells, but she can't do them because she's weaker now).


Meiri also seems to have... an almost ungodly amount of stamina. She rarely gets tired while doing a physical activity, ESPECIALLY if she's interested in it.




Meiri is... chaotic, thats a way of putting it.

Her personality is shifty, she can change moods several times in seconds.


Usually, Meiri is really happy-go-lucky, friendly, and rather outgoing and cheerful (Note the "usually")


Meiri gets rather angry if she gets called "kid" or something similar. She considers herself a grown adult (even if she thrown childish tantrums once in a while :P). When angry at someone, Meiri -will- let them know, via... "pranks". These pranks are nothing if not dangerous sometimes, depending on just how much Meiri dislikes said person. Although, more often than not, Meiri usually forgets why was she angry at the person in a rather small amount of time.


Meiri is also completely head over heels over her teacher, Justonav, and will get angry at any threats made at him, or if someone tries to... um... "defame" him :P




Meiri will probably remember a few people from the tower.