Odain Alias:  Oriole


(Note: Oriole's real name is a series of cheeps and squawks intelligible only to other birds, but he'll always answer to "Oriole".)


Homeworld:  Original concept (the world of F.A.U.N.A.)


Played By:  Steve Kramer <> - <oriole^> on #C-ko's


Physical Description:


Oriole is an anthropomorphic Baltimore Oriole.  He is feathered and beaked, with the requisite orange and black coloring, and has wings which may function as hands.  He's capable of perching if the perch is strong enough.  He stands a little over 100 cm, has a wingspan of about 125 cm fully unfurled, and weighs perhaps 23 kg or so.  Even considering that he usually wears casual clothes - Hawaiian shirt, baseball jersey, or somesuch - he could easily be mistaken for a largish Pokemon by an untrained observer.




Like most birds, Oriole can fly.  He's not particularly graceful about it, but it gets him where he needs to go.  He can cruise at a speed about twice as fast as a normal human can run, hover or circle in place if necessary, and fly for several kilometers before he needs a rest.




Oriole is the best bartender you're likely to meet.  He has a working repertoire of literally hundreds of different libations which he can mix to taste, and can concoct very drinkable original recipes given practically no time to prepare.  He's an excellent judge of the effects and treatment of intoxicants on the body, human or otherwise, and this takes into account other drugs and poisons as well - he invented a very effective hangover cure all by himself called "Thank-Prime", the recipe of which he's kept a guarded secret.  He's also a professional-level cook, and can prepare delicious meals whether in a kitchen or before a campfire.


Oriole has had to defend himself in some rough situations before, and as a result is a very good hand-to-hand fighter for his size.  He could defend himself against one or two human-sized ruffians, especially if he has his bat.  Beyond that, he's over his head.


Finally, Oriole can speak to most species of birds throughout the multiverse through traditional bird-like means: cheeping, squawking, fluttering, and the like.  Of course, whether this is of any use depends largely on whether the birds in question have anything interesting to say...




Ori's major weakness is cats and feline creatures.  Under the best of circumstances, he feels uneasy around them, not quite trusting that he's not being thought of as lunch.  Under the worst, he's downright phobic, and will try to put as much distance as he can between himself and the feline in question.


Oriole can't swim.  He is very embarrassed to admit this.


He's obviously much shorter than an average human, but can compensate for that somewhat by fluttering.  He can't fly if his wings are somehow injured.




Oriole's main equipment is his portable bar, a wooden-and-pasteboard box about the size of a large briefcase.  It contains enough to mix a few of the most popular drinks, including some of the more "medicinal" ones, should the need arise.  There are also some sharp kitchen knives inside for cooking or other uses.


His main weapon is a black baseball bat with a orange-painted knob that's a bit under 75 cm in length; he calls it "Black Beauty", "Black Betty", "Black Aggie", "The Ugly Stick", "The Soul Pole", "Sluggo", or any number of other names.  Like all bats, it's made of ash (no, not that Ash).  He's very proficient with its use, wielding it kind of like a longsword in hand-to-hand combat.  He's tricked it out just a bit, in case he should happen to get lost somewhere; it has a compass mounted in the knob, a test-tube sized flask underneath the compass, and a flashlight mounted inside the end (which gives it just a touch of extra weight).




Oriole has the classic bartender's personality - he's honest, caring, and sympathetic, and is a good listener and good judge of character.  Thanks to his travels between dimensions and the unusual circumstances of his anthropomorphic homeworld, he is not easily impressed or perturbed.  ("Okay...we all know you are the God of Hell-Fire.  Now power that down and stop frightening the patrons, and I'll get you a bourbon...")  He'll take a more firm stand behind a perceived underdog, or in helping those in need - but he's also no fool and will duck behind the bar if someone aims the big artillery in his direction.  He can also be something of a flirt, though he's not pushy about it (hey, if Howard the Duck can have Beverly, and Opus can be engaged to Yaz, Oriole can have a girlfriend... :-)


Connections: Oriole has no connections to anyone in the world of Odain.


Theme: Joe Jackson, "Look Sharp!"