wen Dulsinger


Odain Alias: Owen


Played By:  Antaeus Feldspar (feldspar@cryogen.com)


Homeworld:  Earth


Physical Description


Owen is a human male of Caucausian ancestry in his early 20's, who stands about 6'1".  He has shaggy brown hair and a bushy beard of the same shade, and brown eyes.  Most of the time, he will be found dressed in a tie-dye T-shirt, jeans, and sandals.


Powers:  Owen is just an ordinary human, without special powers.




Owen has led a fairly quiet life in a fairly civilized society on an Earth where he never encountered anything more magical or super-technological than the riftstorm that brought him to Odain.  As a result, he suffers culture shock quite easily in Odain, not only from all the new shapes and sizes and species that his new acquaintances come in, but also their willingness to use violence.


Due to a concussion suffered in the fight that burned down Heart of the Mountain, Owen lost his sight for some time.  His sight has partially returned, but he still sees thing blurrily and with some tunnel vision.




Owen is an intelligent young man with some college-level education in business and in anthropology.  In addition, he plays acoustic guitar fairly proficiently and knows a good repetoire of American folk music.




Owen owned an old acoustic guitar suitable for pickin' and grinnin', and an old, rusted sword.  Both these items were in Heart of the Mountain when it burned.




Owen often seems to be just a big, friendly hippie, but it would be a mistake to ignore the complexity of his personality.  Even before he came to Odain, he was beginning to separate from his counter-culture community, because he saw how it was failing to provide practical answers.  Though he is truly interested in people and cares for them, he can become frustrated and impatient with them easily, and can hold a grudge a long time.  Though he believes in non-violence, he can change his mind when he perceives himself to be threatened.




Owen knows or knows of almost every resident of Heart of the Mountain, thanks to his gregarious personality.  In particular, he seems close to Donnie, whom he considers his best friend (and with whom he has recently become romantically involved); Bella, whom he looks up to for her competence in dealing with conflict; Gadget, whose beauty and intellect constantly impress him.  On his own Earth, Owen had an ex-girlfriend (Miriam/'Sunshine'), played in a band called the Electric Freak Cabal, and worried about his father, who was diagnosed with liver cancer just shortly before Owen's disappearance.  Owen is a violent enemy of Tristan Thedral; rightly or wrongly, he blames Tristan for his own blinding and for the burning-down of Heart.




Owen was born in upstate New York, and had a fairly normal childhood in American suburbia of the 1950's.  As he grew into a young adult, however, the sensitive Owen became more aware of the tremendous injustices of the world.  Even before beginning college at Columbia University, he had become part of a loose community of folksingers, draft dodgers, back-to-naturists and others rejecting the conservative values of their parents' generation.  As time went on, however, and especially as his friends started over-using various drugs, he began to doubt that they had the answers they claimed they did, and began drifting out of that community as well (and dropping out of college).


One night, after a long party, Owen had a strange dream about rolling out of bed and into a cloud of darkness.  When he woke in the morning, he was in the tunnels of Odain.  He took up residence in Heart of the Mountain and lived there alone for around six months before anyone else came to Odain, a very lonely time for him.


OOC Purpose


Owen began as an NPC, who existed mainly to get the incoming avatars acquainted with Odain and Heart of the Mountain.  He's no longer needed for this purpose; however, he still interacts with nearly every resident of the hotel, and by his extroverted nature, often draws them out.


Theme:  "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?" by Elvis Costello