ita Mercy


Odain Alias: Rita


Played by:Devin C Knox


Homeworld: Earth, circa 1998


Physical Description:


Rita appears to be in her late teens, early twenties.  She stands 5'8" with a rather malnourished build. She isn't the strongest woman, but she can hold her own if it is required.  She appears to not be eating well, nor is she very clean, smelling rather foul.  Rita has very messy, shoulder length brown hair. Rita has brown eyes.  Rita has many piercing in her ears, and one in her left nostril.  They are a bit dirty and tarnished on the outsides.  She wears and old, tattered long coat, ripped jeans, an old stained T-shirt, and tattered and worn combat boots.


Powers: Rita has no powers.


Weaknesses: Rita has the standard human weaknesses.




Rita has taught herself many skills to survive on the street.  Among these are the proper ways to steal, proper ways to hide from impending danger, and how to forage for food.  Rita has natural artistic talents, and enjoys honing these by sketch the world around her. 




Rita has an old tattered backpack, fixed in many places with duct tape.  Within this backpack she keeps her stolen goods and personal possessions.  The list is as follows:


  • A half used sketchpad containing many sketches of various street scenes
  • A half full box of pencils
  • An opened carton of cigarettes containing 8 packs left unopened
  • An opened pack of Cigarettes with five left inside
  • A comb
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • An extra shirt and pair of jeans


She keeps a switchblade in her left boot.




Rita is a free spirit.  She does what she feels is right, regardless of what others think.  This may include rude comments, bad habits, and a lack of standard manners.  She does this for she lives without inhibitions, if she wants something, she'll take it.  But she is not completely uncouth. She lives with some basic manners, and a kind of street honor.  She will assist anybody who she feels needs (and deserves) it, but while she assists she will have one hand ready to take up her knife at a moments notice.  But she is first about herself, and her survival.  She will form alliances with people for her betterment, and will keep them as long as they are in her best interest. 


Connections:  None