oland Drathomir


Odain Alias: Roland


Played By: Ryan Powers


Homeworld: Dragonair (Original Concept)


Character Description:


Roland is a well-built, 27-year-old man.  He stands about 6 feet tall.  He is rather average looking, his only distinguishing feature being his shoulder-length, sandy-blonde hair.


Smote is a dragon about 9 feet in height, with brown, leathery skin and two long horns jutting backwards from the top of his skull.  His face is roughly crocodilian, complete with jutting teeth.  He has no wings, and instead has two humanlike arms, which can also serve as another pair of legs should he wish to go about as a quadruped.


For a picture of them both; http://www01.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/xa2/den/denhp/image/Den_dw1c.JPG




Neither Roland nor Smote have any powers whatsoever, save a subtle psychic link that allows one to know the other's general mood, and whether or not they are in danger.  This link does not extend to anyone else except the two of them.  Also, Smote is stronger than most humans and has teeth and claws that are sharp as knives, if that could be considered a power. 




Roland is a human, and as such is susceptible to all the usual human weaknesses, IE disease, bullets, large nuclear missiles, etc.  Smote's skin is a bit thicker, being made of a rough, leathery substance, but can still be cut with swords, shot with bullets, and so on. 


They do have one special weakness, however.  Due to the psychic link between them, each of them experiences the pain when the other is injured (albeit slightly deadened).  It is entirely possible that, if one of them should die, the other would likely either die as well, or go completely mad.




Roland is quite good at the use of the sword, being a knight of Arraka, as well as riding (namely, Smote).  He has reasonable survival skills for living in the wild; namely, the forests, mountains and caves of his homeworld.  Because of his exposure to dragons since an early age, he is able to speak the language of Smote's species, which mostly consist of a series of growls and hisses of varying lengths and tones.  His social skills, especially around women, are somewhat lacking, however.


Smote has only four skills; fighting (using his jaws and foreclaws, mostly), a good tracking ability stemming from an enhanced sense of smell, experience in how not to throw his friend and rider off of his back, and the ability to understand human speech (or English, at least).




As of their appearance in the caves, Roland has only the armor he and Smote were wearing (only a few remedial plates for Smote), a saddle of sorts to allow Roland to ride on Smote's back, and Roland's longsword, which is in no way enchanted.  Though both would object to such a classification, Smote could technically be considered "equipment" as well.




As the Knights of Arraka were required to spend the first ten years of their manhood in chastity, as a sarcifice to the dragon-god Arraka, Roland has had little experience with women.  He tends to be rather shy around them, though at all times he attempts to maintain the code of chivalry.  He is often plagued by feelings of self-doubt, stemming from the fact that, unlike most acolytes of the Knights of Arraka, he has never seen the dragon-god in his visions.  As a result, he sometimes questions his ability to be a warrior for the dragon-god.


Smote is rather simpler, and would not have it any other way.  He lives for the excitement of battle, and becomes somewhat lethargic if he is not confronted with danger every now and again.  Also, as the dragons of Dragonair are social creatures, he occasionally grows lonely for his own kind... especially as the only human that can truly understand him is Roland.




Other than acquaintances with a handful of people from the Nexus, Roland has no connections.