yni Tsukino


Odain Alias: Ryni


Played by: Kenny Blackwell (Seijimei@webtv.net)


Homeworld: Crystal Tokyo, 30th Century Earth


Physical Description:


Ryni is a petite fifteen year old girl... standing at five feet and weighing in at ninety pounds; the former Chibi-Usa has indeed grown up and has inherited her mother's attractiveness. She has her long pink hair done up in her signature "odango atama" style and has red eyes. As Sailor Moon, she is clad in a Super Senshi fuku, with pink trims and red ribbons.




Ryni possesses no superhuman powers when she isn't transformed into Sailor Moon. When she places the Moon Henshin Brooch to her heart and shouts out "MOON CRYSTAL POWER, MAKE-UP!!" she transforms into the Sailor Senshi Sailor Moon. The transformation spans about five seconds; after she shouts the activation phrase, a wave of magic washes from the Moon Henshin Brooch, clothing her in her Senshi fuku. Once transformed into Sailor Moon, she becomes physically tougher than a normal human, able to survive mid-level chi attacks and electrical attacks without adverse effects. The fuku she wears is made of magically created fabrics, and is incapable of becoming dirty and is seemingly immune to all forms of wear and tear.


As Sailor Moon she emits an aura that magically shields her identity from even her closest friends; psychically sensitive creatures can easily deduce her identity.


Her tiara can also be utilized as a weapon... she removes it and balances it on her fingers, energizing it into a discus. As she quickly spins around once and shouts "MOON TIARA ACTION!!" she throws the discus at her target, using it to trap her enemies or drain their energy. She can also control its directions with her mind. It's her weaker attack though, and can be ineffective against more powerful opponents. Moreover, the tiara will give under pressure sufficient to bend iron, but will collapse back to its original size instead of break.


For more effective attacks, Sailor Moon manifests the Moon Power Staff into her hands. With it, she can use it for her most powerful attack... drawing forth as much energy as she can, she shouts out "TWINKLE SCREAM!!" and fires off a pink bolt of sonic energy very similar to Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream; though not as strong as the Dead Scream, it still possesses enough concussive force to knock out a rhinoceros. Using the Twinkle Scream takes a sufficient amount of her energy, however; one Twinkle Scream is enough to weaken her considerably, while two would require her to get some rest for at least eight hours.


Sailor Moon can also use the Moon Power Staff for more helpful means; by shouting out "MOONLIGHT HEART PURIFY!!" she can cast a kind of healing spell that can only deal with minor wounds, such as a gunshot to a non-vital area of the body, but it can purify that person's soul of any artificially caused afflictions as well. How long the Moonlight Heart Purify's effects last depends on how badly darkened the soul is.




The one thing Ryni hasn't inherited from her mother is her clumsiness; Ryni is a very skilled acrobat, able to perform flips and somersaults with relative ease. She also knows how to fight with her fists and feet... she is a very adequate hand-to-hand combatant. In non-combative means, Ryni is a very accomplished artist.




Ryni's greatest weakness is her monophobia. If she is left alone in a room, Ryni will crack, dropping to her knees and crying heavily. She can't take isolation for long, and will before long find companionship if she can.




In order for Ryni to transform, she uses her Moon Henshin Brooch. Kept with her at all times, Ryni can't transform into Sailor Moon without it.




Ryni is a bright, cheerful girl most of the time. Out of battle, she enjoys eating and goofing off... but most importantly, swimming; Ryni enjoys swimming immensely. Her favorite foods are blueberry pancakes and curried chicken... but she doesn't like carrots all that much. She's as loyal and as spirited as they come, and is not afraid to stand up for her friends, regardless of the situation. She isn't without her limitations, however... she's frightened of needles and thunderstorms.




Ryni has her animal guardian, Diana... who has grown into a creature as lovely as her mother Luna... and the gray-furred cat usually is always at Ryni's side. Diana is sensible, kind-hearted, and very brave for a cat, never thinking twice about casting herself into a ife-or-death situation; that eventually lead up to her paralyzing fear of guns, caused when Diana nearly died from a gunshot wound while saving Ryni.


Back home in Crystal Tokyo, she has powerful allies... as Princess of this utopia, she has the original Sailor Senshi... Inner and Outer... as her sensei. Moreover, she has her mother and father... Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion... as very reliable allies. In Odain she has many friends that she made when she was in the alternate reality known as the Nexus; her best friend happens to be Gadget.