yu Takumori


Odain Alias: Ryu


Played By: Wilson


Homeworld: Original concept


Physical Description:


Ryu stands about 6'1, and looks about 20 or so.  He has brownish blonde hair that's pulled back into a loose ponytail that barely reaches his shoulder blades.  He's decently well built, and his eyes are startling silver grey; he has somewhat lean facial features that need to be shaved.  Ryu usually wears either a dark blue dougi with the "terra" symbol (circle divided into 4 parts) stenciled on the heart and on the back, and a metal headband over the mask, or a baggy pair of jeans, black tank top and a leather jacket.  No matter what he’s wearing he carries his sword strapped across his back (if he's in the latter outfit it's wrapped up in a bundle).  One last bit of information, he has a tattoo of the kanji of his full name running down his right arm.




None other than a harmonization of his ki in a way that Ryu is completely aware of his surroundings, almost resembling a sixth sense. This equates to, roughly, the ability to dodge a surprise attack if Ryu can pick up on some cue (visual, audio, or otherwise) that'll let him know where the attack is coming from. The sense will generally warn him of _any_ incoming threats, but the reactions are up to him.




Ryu may have an almost sixth sense but that's not going to stop bullets. He's 100% human needless to say.  Also Ryu's aim is off, and it's only pure luck if he manages to hit someone with one of his shuriken.




Ryu is trained in the ninjutsu sect of his family's clan.  He possesses knowledge of all the skills that come naturally to a shinobi, but is not competently skilled in all of them. However he excels in swordsmanship compared to the rest of his training. He has a little knowledge of botany (but not too much) and is a competent cook on the side. 




Ryu owns his prized family katana (a slightly larger than usual ninja katana that is unbreakable and will always retain a sharp edge) and a black lacquered sheath to go with.  He usually carries on his person a fold up grappling hook with a long rope tied to it for scaling walls.  And among his ninja gear that he from time to time carries on his person consists of around two dozen shuriken and very small throwing knives, a spare rope, and a kit for making 8 smoke bombs, two of which are already made.  Ryu also has an oversized (and overstuffed) duffel bag to hold all of the above-mentioned items in, as well as some extra clothes and toiletries.




Ryu is the great grandson of the original Takumori ninja, Geo. Much like his old man, Ryu is surprisingly easy going for a ninja, although he's more sensible and down to earth in method than Geo ever was. He still has a soft spot for women like Geo also... Okay he can be a pervert if you want to be honest.  On the other hand, Ryu honestly believes he practices the true form of ninjutsu, and does not consider himself a hired thug/assassin or a lowly thief and will usually react violently to being called, such.  Despite his laid back personality he is honor bound to his word.  If he gives his word, he's adamant on whatever it was he promised and will go to any length to keep his promise.


He also likes to make it known that he is indeed a masterless shinobi, and more specifically, one for hire.  Also If he takes a job as Geo (he's inherited this moniker in his family), his carefree attitude dissolves and again he will try his best to complete the employer's wishes, as long as he's paid. If double crossed and he actually survives, he will have revenge.


It goes without saying however that Ryu/Geo may or may not take the job, especially if he considers unworthy of his skills.


Connections:  He occasionally mentions his great grandfather; he may also remember assorted people from the Nexus.