cott McAllister


Odain Alias: Scott


Played By: Steven Sulzer




Scott happens to have an affinity for the color green. A Psychologist would say that his narcissism leads him to enjoy the color of his eyes and hair. It's a natural green, mind, reaching down to the middle of his back, and almost to his eyebrows in front. He's lanky, a bit tall, bit over six foot. He wears a slate-grey dress shirt and slightly baggy dress pants and dress sneakers. Over this, he has a green vest, a black coat, and the brown leather "holsters" for his two decks of cards can be seen poking out the bottom of the coat.




Card magic. Each card has a spell attached to it, which may be used once, before the card needs to recharge. Cards recharge automatically, drawing bits of energy from the caster. When a card is used, its image vanishes until the spell is once again usable, when it will once again reappear. Charging time varies for each spell.


  • 00: ETERNITY: The picture on the card itself is a swirling, almost three-dimensional whirlpool. It hurts a little to look at it. The target of this spell must be in LOS (even if not completely visible), or else the caster bears the brunt of the released chaos. If successfully activated (it takes a few seconds), both Scott and his target fall unconscious for a short period of time; about 30 minutes. If unsuccessful, Scott will be out for an hour or more, with a whopping headache afterwards. The spell recharges when Scott wakes up from the spell's effects.


  • X: WHIRLWIND: Scott's most blatantly offensive spell, this card generates a semi-directional blast of wind. The blast of wind will blow down his LOS towards everything in that direction. The wind is only as cold as the air temperature allows, but it's blowing at 50 MPH/80 KPH. Any person who is not prepared for it will most likely be blown off their feet and to the floor. Being an offensive spell, it draws on Scott's own energy to be able to recharge within 15 seconds of being activated. Scott will only be able to cast this 4 or 5 times before feeling Really Fanking Tired.


  • XIV: FORGIVENESS: This card depicts an old cathedral, with cheerful stained glass windows, and some flowers in front. When activated, it mildly illuminates a 10' circle on the ground. Whatever the caster wishes to keep out has to fight their way through the circle, which takes a lot of energy. Nothing may exit the circle, other than air, dust particles, etc., without the circle being broken in the process. The circle lasts for about an hour, and all attempts at healing used within it are amplified, to nearly double, even mundane attempts, like medicine.


  • XVII: STARS: This card, very simply, looks like the night sky. When the card is held above the head and activated, A small pinpoint of light (about 1cm round) hovers in place above the caster for however long as he wishes. This ministar will illuminate a space the size of a normal classroom. The spell will burn out on its own after 24 hours, but can be cancelled at any time. The spell recharges in about 5 hours, less if the card is put in a pool of light.


  • XXI: UNION: The face depicts a pair of lovers embracing. This card, when activated, sends all those who are touching it by their own will, into a trance. Their minds will be transported into an empty white room, where they appear to each other as what they visualize themselves to be. All communication/interaction is done on a mental level. Anytime any person wishes to leave the spell, they merely will it. If any physically violent act is taken inside the spell's confines, the recipient of the violence is ejected, so as not to hurt their mind. Anyone who leaves is immediately revived from the trance. But if something happens to their real-life bodies while in the trance, they will show and feel it, IE, a big bloody hole will appear in their mental image if they get stabbed.


Weaknesses: Loves to play games, but may hurt people emotionally by playing around when they want to be serious. Brashly self-confident. Also a mite narcissistic. Very curious. In combat, may reach for a card that's no longer there.


Skills: Consummate card player, well versed in all major games, and very good at picking out (and performing) acts of cheating. In some cases, he will even go as far as to out-cheat the cheater, to the point of slipping them one of several extra aces he has hidden on his person. Note, however, that he won't cheat unless someone else first raises the stakes to cheating.


Equipment: A belt, with two well-worn brown leather packs strapped onto it. The one on his left contains his standard 52-card deck (Note that it has no special properties.) The larger pack on his right contains his magic tarot deck, the majority of which is destroyed.  There is a notable gash in said pack, from the attack that destroyed his cards. A thigh-length black overcoat, enchanted with his (now lost) Reversal card, so it doubles as light armor. A small dagger, For Just in Case.


Personality: Highly courteous and well-mannered, but always with a twinkle in his eye, waiting for the opportunity to cut loose in one way or another. A gambler in all things. Will begin conversations with anyone, and will always try to impress them or make them laugh with his twisted worldview, just for having won the game of human emotions. Is insecure about the future, especially since his Odainification, but he may very well have walled off his real feelings from everyone with his posturing. Favorite phrase? "I bet you that such-and-such is/will this-and-that."


Connections: None in Odain.


Background: Was left on the doorstep of a church as a very young child, with his parents gunned down just 20-odd feet beyond. Grew up in the church, where he was taught the rudiments of card magic, and where he was eventually tossed out on his ear at the age of 15 for making out with a girl who was living there for much the same reasons. Lived on the streets for several years, working jobs to eat, and playing card games in the great underground casino of the city, eventually rising to defeat all the local card sharks. The night that the other city bosses put a hit on him, he was turning 21. He had just gotten out of a barfight with only 5 or 6 of his cards intact (bugger went to stab him, missed, and stabbed straight through the deck, except for the bottom few cards) and he jumped into a taxi. His taxi was expertly carbombed, and there was only a smear left on the ground. The only thing *he* knows, however, is that he's damn lucky, 'cause he vanished in a flash of white light just after he found the timer that read 00:09.


Current Purpose: He doesn't have much of a drive to get home, he sees it as a vacation of sorts. There's also the lure of the game: What is the game of Odain? The purpose behind the random transportation. Scott wants some answers...