erena Jasmine Angel


Odain Alias: Serena


Played By: Pyrodrak


Homeworld: Originally from Dominaria but considers Odain her home now.


Physical Description:


Serena is a Serran. This is a very important fact to the character as a whole. Serrans are known for their strength and beauty, as well as loathed for their religious fervor. Serena herself is an angel, a symbol of radiant beauty and purity as well as strength and devotion. But that I will get into further detail on her personality in another area of this Character sheet. Serena stands at about 70" tall (About 5' 10" tall). She is very athletic and keeps herself fairly fit. This improves her naturally thin body and strong limbs. Though she trains quite consistently, she still has the features you expect in a young woman of about 17 years old. She has a very delicate features and skin that is porcelain white. Her childish appearance doesn't appear all that threatening, but don't let that fool you. This look is accented by her face. Her eyes are a pale blue and always have a passive look on them. She has long golden hair that she usually wears back in a pony tail. The ponytail itself goes down to the middle of her back and her bangs are leveled evenly above her eyes. Serena also wears a bow in her hair just because she likes it. Serena has short golden hair, having had cut off the pony tail during her eighth month of Pregnancy.  Her hair now levels even with the back of her neck. Off of her shoulders are a pair of wings. One of the things that makes or breaks angels are the condition of their wings. As we all know angels prize their wings and love to keep them clean. They also hate to get them wet, for they are murder to dry. Although Serena loves the water and will spend hours swimming. Serena can be found commonly cleaning and grooming her pearly white wings to keep them flight ready.


Serena usually wears a finely crafted white dress. This fits her very loosely as not to cause her any discomfort. They are very durable and Serena always keeps them clean, for if an angel looks disheveled all angels look bad. The dress is also sleeveless, as her home nation is in the desert. She also wears a belt around her waist. This holds her many bags and her sword and scabbard, everything she needs on the road. As for footwear, she has a pair of soft leather boots which are perfect for traveling.


Distinguishing marks: Serena has a Tattoo of a wildflower wreath on her left ankle. She also has a small scar on shoulder from a training accident when she was 9.  As well she has a scar on her right arm from a fight with Slice back in the nexus.


Powers and Weakness:


Angelic Blood: Having been the first generation born outside Serra's realm, Serena's generation still has high amounts of white mana in their blood stream, although Serena herself is unable to use it. This means nothing to Serena, but everything to Blaze, or those who would use Serena. Serena's blood could be used as an energy source if properly harnessed. Blaze has inherited from Serena this mana charged blood, leaving her destiny to be an adept sorceress.




Nothing of note.




Serena is able to sew, and can fight with swords.  Serena's skills with the sword are above average but not superior to most people in Odain with such skills.  This was gained through military trianing whn she was younger. She also knows some basic field medicine, and speaks Serran, Capashen, and Argivian (among others). Argivian is equivalant to english in Odain.




Serena is a very kind and caring woman. Serena would give everything she has to save somebody she cared for.  Serena is prone to acts of kindness, if she sees a person in need she will do what she can. Serena knows and appreciates the value of life and will protect it through any means necessary.


Serena is well educated in the ways of her home world. She has been taught a lot about etiquette and world history. Serena did a little study in legend, but that was mostly religious based. Serena will more than often tries to act in accordance with her educational background, but will commonly act a bit childish.


Serena tries to project an optimistic point of view, but those closest to her will eventually realize that inward she has become very pessimistic through all her trials of life.


Fears: Serena outrightly afraid of meeting her fate at the hands of demons. She believes that if a demon kills her she will be damned for eternity without chance of redemption. She also fears losing everything in her life again. She has finally become "comfortable" with herself again, but is afraid of someone or something taking it all away.




Serena is good friends with many people in Odain. Of them, Mar is the one she feels closest too. She owes many people her life for assistance given.


  • Blaze Rose Angel: Serena's daughter, destined to be an adept at magic because of the crossbreeding. Serena would literally do anything for Blaze's well being if needed. If anybody threatens Blaze, they have to be ready to kill a crazed Serena. If Blaze where to be killed, Serena would probably become suicidal. Blaze is Serena's greatest joy in the world. Blaze is hypersensitive to cold, much like her father. Blaze cannot use magic yet (probably not ever over the course of this roleplay).