Odain alias: Slash


Played By: Tiffa


Homeworld: Earth, in a far future


Physical Description:


Slash is a young cat girl. She has can eats on her head instead of normal ears, and paws instead of hands and feet (these paws hold VERY sharp claws too). She's rather small, about 5'2"-5'4", and looks very slim. Her hair does all the way down to her knees and is a bright fiery red, which for some reason seems to reflect as black sometimes. Her eyes are catlike and a bright green.


She also has sharp fangs, only noticeable when she opens her mouth. She also has a long, red furred tail.




None really, unless you consider her highlighted senses.




Slash has been fighting since she was very small. She's not very strong, but her claws are lethal weapons. She is VERY fast, and can climb with little difficulty. Her movements are very cat-like.




Besides her clothing (some black torn clothes), nothing.




Slash isn't the brightest cookie around...


Scratch that. She's dumber that Goku and Gourry blended together. She tends to speak in fist person, and meows a lot. She relies more on Instinct that Intelligence in a fight. She fights to survive, she doesn't care if she kills

her opponent.


Outside a fight, she's friendly, playful, and curious, she tends to act like a cat a lot.


She likes people that are friendly to her, to be petted, and to play She really, REALLY likes fish and playing with wool :P


The dislikes cops and dogs.


She hates it when you pull her tail or when she can't say something.


Connections: None of note yet.