ue Greyan


Odain Alias: Sue


Played by: Chris Vincent (lord_demios_1@hotmail.com)


Homeworld: Grandia (PSX/Saturn) +5 years after the end of the game


Physical Description:


Sue stands about 5' 6", and has an attractive, athletic figure.  She has long, curly purple hair that reaches just past her shoulders, and aqua blue eyes. Her face is marked by a few small scars.  She wears a forest green tunic, and a pair of earth brown pants.  She wears a pair of worn, but sturdy leather moccasins with unusually high tops (like a tennis shoe).  Her hands are covered by a pair of brown leather gloves.  Around her neck is a strange looking, off-yellow bandana which seems to be made of some sort of coarse, sponge-like material.  She keeps a mace hanging from her belt, and a quiver of arrows on her back.  Her longbow is typically strapped next to the quiver when not in use.


Although impossible to tell by sight alone, as she dresses to cover it, Sue's body is partially cybernetic.  Both of her arms are cybernetic, from the tips of her fingers to 3 inches past the elbow.  Her left leg is completely cybernetic, and her right leg is cybernetic from the knee down.  All her cybernetics are a dull silver.  Their surface consists of several small metal plates, which fit together tightly.  They're shaped and proportioned exactly like a normal human limb would be, except for the joints such as the elbows and knees... which still don't stand out very strongly.


Her stomach bears quite a few scars from past injuries.




Sue's cybernetics grant her above average strength.  She's as strong as a large, powerful man.  Being able to bench 500 lbs, and standing press about 1,000 lbs thanks to her cybernetic leg.  This can come as a pretty big surprise to an assailant, as she doesn't look anywhere near as strong as she is.  Sue's cybernetic limbs do not however grant her superhuman speed, or agility.


Sue's eyes are cybernetic as well, although you could never tell just by looking at them.  They can see in the normal spectrum of light, as well as infrared. Sue lost her magical abilities when she destroyed the idol that was making Feena sick.  However, she did retain some of her ki-power.  She's capable of focusing her ki into either an arrow, or her mace.


She calls it her "Soul Magnum".  It'll allow her to fire an arrow made entirely out of ki.  The only real difference between this and a regular arrow is that it will keep flying until it hits something, rather than falling down due to gravity, as well as being able to deal damage to things which are supernatural or magical in nature. Sue can only use 3 of these arrows a day.  Upon using the third one, she can't use another until she gets a good night's sleep.  She also can't use her "Soul Magnum" on her mace, if she uses 3 arrows in one day.  After striking the target, they disappear in about 2 seconds.  Sue can concentrate her ki into her mace, to give it the ability to harm supernatural creatures as the arrows do.  Other than this, it's a perfectly normal mace.


Her cybernetics are quite a bit more durable than normal limbs.  They can stop a knife or bladed weapon, but a bullet would go through quite easily, causing sufficient damage to put the limb out of commission.  Crushing weapons like maces are also capable of doing severe damage to her cybernetics.


Her cybernetics can slowly repair themselves, at approximately the same speed normal limbs would heal.




Sue has to eat a LOT in order to keep her cybernetics running.  They burn food to produce the energy they need to run properly.  If she doesn't eat enough, Sue becomes sluggish and clumsy.  If this persists, for more than a few days, her cybernetics will shut down completely, leaving her more or less helpless.


Sue thinks she's ugly because of her cybernetics.  She sees them as a physical representation of her own selfishness and greed, which almost killed Feena.


Skills: Sue is an expert archer, and proficient in melee combat with her mace, as well as her fists.  She's about average speed on foot, and slightly above average in dexterity and Agility. She's well versed in wilderness survival in every type of terrain.  She also knows herbal medicine, and first-aid techniques.




  • Sue's mace- It's a normal old spiked mace.


  • Sue's longbow- It's a pretty normal looking brown longbow, with a groove for the arrow to sit in. It's strung pretty tight, and takes approximately 150 lbs worth of force to pull it back.  Your average person would have a hard time pulling it back.


  • Quiver & Arrows- Sue has a brown leather quiver on her back, which holds 12 wooden arrows with steel, razor edged arrowheads.


  • Puffy- Puffy is a yellow, ball like creature with red eyes and butterfly wings.  He's capable of shape shifting into simple shapes, such as flat squares, balls, cubes, etc.  Usually he takes the form of a bandana, and Sue wears him around her neck.  Puffy can fly at low altitudes in his regular form.  He's about as hard to injure as a foam-rubber ball.  You can smash him all you like with no effect, but tearing or cutting him works pretty well.  Puffy is capable of limited vocalization, all he can say is "Puff Puff!" and a few variations thereof. Puffy has no real combat value, since Sue lost her magical abilities.  His main purpose is to give Sue emotional support, as a faithful, and loving pet.


Personality: Sue is a kind and well-mannered woman.  But underneath that, she hates herself. She's ashamed of what she did to Feena, and is looking for some way to redeem herself in her own eyes.  She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will stand up to a tyrant or a bully, either on her own behalf, or someone else's.  Sue also has a rather bad temper, when things start to get to her.  She tends to take things personally, although she's willing to forgive and forget if the offending party willing is as well.


Connections: Sue would know anyone from Grandia, but as of yet, has no connections in Odain.