erasuko Nal Shandi


Odain Alias: Terasuko


Played by: Chris Vincent


Physical Description:


5' 10".  Long straight, deep blue hair.  Dull white eyes (blind). Fair complexion. Appears to be in her early 30's.


She wears a long white priestesses' robe and sky blue cape, tan knee high boots.  Wears a silver pentagram medallion around her neck. Carries a gold Shakujou, which has 8 gold chains hanging from the T-bar on the top (4 on each side) Her eyes are always covered by a grey silk blindfold.


Her pic is posted in the SVAM art gallery and can be viewed at the following address.




Terasuko is a skilled user of white magic.  She can use white magic for defense, sensing energies, purification, exorcism, and healing. However, her healing spells will not work on someone whose life functions have ceased, thus meaning that she cannot resurrect the dead, both long and recently deceased.  The effects of her healing spells are also not instantaneous.  The time required varies according to the severity of the injury. (For a detailed description of her white magic spells see  There is however an exception regarding Terasuko.  She is not a very powerful Ryuzoku, as the a high powered bearer of Ceipheed's guiding light (See below) would naturally draw more attention.  Thus, her healing abilities are comparable to that of a highly skilled doctor/surgeon.  In other words, a serious injury that would normally require an organ transplant would take her as much time and effort to heal, as it would take a normal surgeon to perform the transplant. Minor injuries can also be treated in the same fashion.  In short, she uses magic in the same way a doctor or surgeon uses medicine and surgical tools.  Her exorcism spells are also not powerful enough to destroy or banish the average demon or spirit easily.  For her, exorcism is essentially a fight between her and the demon, which could result in her death, depending on the strength of the demon.  Her shield spells are comparable to the protection provided by modern lightweight body armor.  And disruption spells such as Flow Break function only to block the effects of other magic spells, or lessen the effect, given the amount of power behind the target spell.  In cases of extremely powerful spells, this may have no effect at all.


Her body is composed of white magic, and can quickly recover from simple physical attacks, (However she can be injured or killed by exceptionally powerful physical attacks, like getting shot) but is vulnerable to and can be killed by any sort of energy attack.


She can transform into a 50 ft tall gold dragon at will (She seldom ever assumes dragon form for purposes other than being able to fly, which requires the assistance of a navigator to direct her, as she is still blind in dragon form.), which can fly. She has all the same vulnerabilities in dragon form that she has in human form.  If she is severely injured in dragon form, she will transform back into human form, and possibly lose consciousness if the injury warrants it.  All injuries sustained in Dragon from are carried over into her human form.


Inside her blind eyes is sealed a "Guiding Light" which The Dragon God, Ceipheed will follow to the human world to lead the Ryuzoku against the Mazoku in the next great war.  This will only happen when Ceipheed decides the time has come, Terasuko has no control over this. (This is really just an explanation for her blindness, and a possible plot point in a future RP.)




  • Shakujou- Her Priestess' staff.  It's made of a strong, lightweight, gold colored metal.  She uses it to feel her way around a room, and to defend herself.


  • Medallion- She wears a silver pentagram medallion around her neck.  It's a symbol of her status among the Ryuzoku priests and priestesses.




Terasuko is a very kind, caring, and well-mannered woman.  She won't hesitate to help a stranger, and is easy to get along with. She believes everyone deserves the benefit of a doubt, however she is not foolish in this sense.  For example, she will try to avoid a person whom she knows to consistently lash out in violence. She is very strongly opposed to violence, and will only fight if she believes her life or another's life to be in danger and the only way to stop the attacker is to through force.  She will do everything she can to resolve the conflict peacefully before she resorts to combat, and once she does she will do her best to subdue the enemy with the least amount of force possible.  She will not hesitate to verbally scold someone for behaving in an 'inappropriate' manner, and if the behavior persists, she will take decisive (but non-violent) action to prevent it from happening again. She's become comfortable with her blindness in her 2000+ years of life, but she is still deeply hurt by those who mock her for it, or take advantage of it.  Although she will do her best to keep it from showing in public. Naturally, she holds no value for appearance, as she is unable to perceive anything other than shape through touch. She's very awkward and shy in romantic situations and is embarrassed quite easily, because she feels so out of place in them.  She was taught very little about relationships in her upbringing, which accounts for it.




Richard Knierko- Terasuko is currently in a romantic relationship with Richard.  She's taking things slowly for now, due to her limited knowledge of Romance.  The majority of her fellow Ryuzoku do not approve of having such a relationship with a 'lesser being'.