alion Deiral


Odain Alias: Xalion


Played By: Spider


Homeworld: Reyloran Empire (original continuity)


Physical Description:


Xalion (or Xal, to his friends) is about an inch short of six feet, and has the slim, athletic build of a warrior (which he isn't) or a thief (which he is). Xal's hair is an extremely deep purple, almost black, and he ties it back into a ponytail. Like all of his race, his ears are pointed. Xalion is slightly vain, and always wears well-made, fairly expensive-looking clothes; all in all, Xalion is extremely good-looking. He hardly ever manages to hold still for more than a second; even if he's just tapping his fingers or  pacing back and forth, he's always doing *something*.




None, really. Xalion does, however, possess a considerable store of innate magical energy. If he had any training or desire for training, he could become a very powerful magician... as it is, someone else could conceivably use the magic in his body to power a spell, though it would probably involve something along the lines of a ritual sacrifice.




It depends. Xalion is very receptive to magic, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing. He can detect strong sources of magical energy, almost like a sixth sense--he was able to tell there was something not quite right about Terasuko, for instance--and some people/things may be able to sense the magic in him similiarly... in general, if something effects or reacts to wizards, for better or worse, he counts as one.




Xalion is part thief, part smuggler, and part inventor. While he makes a competent burglar, though one more used to dealing with magical barriers and traps than mechanical ones, and knows a bit about staying ahead of the law, his first love is technology. He's something of a packrat, taking pieces from a machine here and a machine there, and reworking them into something that was never intended. He has a very flamboyant sense of style with his machines--he looks at them as toys, and making a big impressive flash and bang is usually more important than creating something useful. He also has a good grasp of the fundamental workings of magic, comparable to an average person in the real world; most people don't know how to make a computer, or a car, or a refrigerator, but they do know how one works.




Xalion's most prized possession is something he calls the "toy box", which is... well, it normally looks like a silvery rectangular box. Its original function, if it *had* an original function, is unknown; all of its parts are modular, and Xalion periodically takes it apart and rearranges it to make new machines. Some of the devices he already has are:


  • KINETIC ABSORBTION FIELD: This is the toy box's main power source, and in many ways the heart of the machine. Anything that comes into contact with the field instantly comes to a halt, its kinetic energy drained into the field generator, which is a portable device about the size of a Discman; essentially, it's a force field that only effects matter. Bullets, arrows, and the like simply fall to the ground, but anything with more force can penetrate the field. It can also overload, past a certain level of stored energy, but that level is so high it rarely gets to that point (Though Xalion would love for the toy box to be operating at maximum power, even once...). Xal can set it up as a screen, which takes up about 50 square feet at most and works both ways, or wear the generator on his person, which makes a field about one foot away from him on all sides which moves with him. The field can *not* take energy from something continuously, however; in other words, you can't put a rock on top of the field or lean a stick against it, leave for an hour, and come back to find it fully charged. Xalion can also redirect this kinetic energy through a pair of devices worn on the forearm. He can either "push" things at a distance, or pull them. He may also propel or pull himself, if he focuses the force against something heavier/better anchored than he is.


  • LASER: This is a thin metal cylinder about half a foot long. It looks a lot like a pocket flashlight, and it gets a lot of use as one, but Xalion can also focus it into a much more narrow, more destructive beam. He uses it for everything from minor cutting and welding to melting down metal for scrap, to personal defense. Because it draws its power directly from the K.A.F., it's much more dangerous than it looks. Next to the Field itself, this is his main toy, so he spends a lot of time refining and adjusting it.


  • WINGS: Xalion has about a dozen minature, remote controlled flying machines with him. They look like something between a stylized bird and a stealth bomber, and each one of them can be programmed with a flight path—Xalion has several patterns for defense, attack, and Looking Cool. He can attach a camera to one and guide its movements from a distance as well, if he likes.


  • FLASH TUBE: The closest thing to a "pure" weapon Xalion has, this is a tube about a foot long that fires bursts of an explosive compound. It straps around his forearm. Similar to a flare gun, except that the tube contains enough for five shots. Xal has enough powder for roughly 20 charges, and knows how to make more, if he can find the right materials.


Finally, Xal has a small black bag containing the various tools any self-respecting would-be mad scientist keeps with them; screwdrivers, pincers, wires, wrenches, etc.




Xalion considers life to be one long holiday, designed primarily with him in mind. He's extremely self-confident; if he doesn't know how to solve a problem right now, he knows he'll think of the solution later, and if he doesn't, something else will turn up and take care of it. He's equally self-absorbed, in a non-malicious sort of way. He likes other people perfectly well, he just likes himself better. He's also fascinated by any kind of mechanical toy. Toy encompassing everything from wind-up dolls to assault rifles.




None, really. Back on his world, he has some contacts among the underworld, but then again, he's a criminal himself.