Odain Alias: Zero


Played by: Christian Rogers (


Homeworld: Earthlike, future


Physical Description:


Zero is a somewhat humanoid looking "man" with blue eyes and red and white armor, with two green orbs on his chest and a "helmet" with a blue crystal in the center of the "forehead" that holds back a blond ponytail that travels down to the small of his back.  His body "armor" is somewhat blocky in shape and with a large "Z" design on the front of each shoulder.  There is also a kind of sword hilt strapped to his waist at all times.




Zero, being a Reploid, has better reflexes and is noticeably faster and more powerful then an average human.  On average, he'd be about equal to a black belt martial artist.  Normal bullets will have a hard time piercing his armored body and will usually either stagger him or knock him off his feet (and they will hurt like HELL when they strike). However, if hit enough times, he will take damage and if they pierce his skin, he will "bleed" a red colored type of internal fluid and if it severs a motor circuit, then those limbs will no longer move.  If any of the green or blue orbs on his body are shattered, then it will be like hitting his brain or heart and he will die.




Zero suffers from a kind of clinical depression. He is easily depressed into inaction, overprotective of those he calls friends - sometimes needlessly jumping in the way of something highly deadly to protect them. This makes him easy to provoke him into a trap.  He's also highly vulnerable to all forms of magic and magic based items; the unique energy waves given off by magical forces will affect him much like an EMP.  A small magical fireball, for example, would hurt him in that the magic energy needed to hold the fireball together would lower the power output of his systems.  The more magical in nature and the more powerful the spell used, the more his power will be lost until it can be internally recharged.


Also, to use the fireball example again, the loss of power will also mean his internal compensation systems will be off-line and damage caused by the physical force of the attack will be greater.  Meaning, said fireball would heat up and burn out systems in and on his body faster then if it was a normal, physical fireball.




Zero has the rank of a third degree black-belt in Reploid Martial Arts and is a master of the Z-Saber (see Equipment).  He's also got fairly high tracking and searching skills from his days as a Maverick Hunter.  He can also twist his body enough so he can do a kind of rolling air flip and has mastered the technique of doing so while having his sword extended away from him in a kind of flipping slash.




Zero pretty much carries only two items.  One is his Z-Saber, a sword hilt that flares into a glowing green energy sword that's about 2-3 feet long in length.


His other piece of equipment is his Dash Jets.  Small rocket thrusters in his "boots" that propel him forward at an increased pace for only a few seconds.  This is usually used to assist him in making long distance jumps, and it takes about a minute for it to recharge after each use.




Zero is... to put it bluntly, quite odd by Reploid standards.  He's what in human terms would be a manic depressant, switching from almost utterly happy go lucky to deeply depressed on the slightest change of circumstances.  He tends to be rather clingy to friends and he's rather fixated on the loss of one certain... very special friend who died not too long ago.


Connections: In Odain... none.