Odain Alias: Zim


Homeworld: Original


Played By: Tiffa


Physical Description:


Zim is a tall, about 6'0, half-elf. She has long blue hair down to her waist and blue eyes. She is also fairly muscular, although this rarely shows when she's relaxed. Zim tends to wear something that could be best described as a blue two-piece bikini (top, bottom looks like the lower part of a toga) with shoulder pads. She also always wears a necklace with a teardrop shaped sapphire around her neck.




Zim is a skilled water magician (her largest power is a typhoon of water, around herself, which is somewhere between 2 to 3 bodies as tall as she is [with her sword anyway]), not as much as Mar is, but skilled nonetheless. She can also cast a few other elemental magicks, especially wind and lightning, although she can't control those very well.


Zim also has a slight immunity to water magic. Slight in the sense that only a very powerful water spell (like Great Geiser ;P) will blow her right off her feet.




Zim is a highly skilled warrior, both unarmed and with her sword (or any large two handed sword, really). She's strong enough and tough enough to punch a stone wall and have the crack appear in the wall instead of in her hand.




Zim has a rash temper at times; she gets angry and acts thoughtlessly easily. She also tends to be a bit dense at times. Also, when she tries to do magic besides water, this... sometimes backfires on her. This is especially true with fire magic.


Also, for her bigger spells (like the Typhoon) she needs to use her sword.




Zim's personality has changed to a much happier attitude ever since she entered the pact with Tilani. She's more friendly now, and her temper is more under control. She is still awfully possessive of people she likes and are her friends. She is especially protective of Tilani.




Zim has two items worth of mention:


Her necklace. This necklace represents her status as the warrior of the clan. Its actually a very simple necklace with a teardrop shaped sapphire in it, but it works as a magical focus at times (it shimmer when Zim does a water spell). This necklace is VERY important to Zim, messing with it will mean that she will get angry, if not outright pissed, at whoever did it.


The second item is her sword. Its a LARGE two handed sword, about 5'0, if not more. The blade seems to shimmer blue when seen in the light. The sword is a water magically enhanced sword, it helps Zim make her water magic stronger, and the blade itself is pretty much a good shield against water and ice magic, and this same nature prevents the blade from heating up. The sword cannot be broken by any means.


The sword's nature prevents anybody that isn't from the water clan to lift it, since it's... pretty damn heavy (a very strong character could probably lift it though).




Zim is Mar's daughter, first and foremost.


Zim has gotten to know a few people in Odain, especially Kanjit and Tilani. She has entered in a Pact with the latter. A Pact is something like a slight magical link between two people, they know what the other feels and can locate each other anywhere.