Paul M. Arezina
206 Highland Road
Penn Hills, PA 15235
(412) 371-4830

My life, such as it is.

The Basics

Born in Pittsburgh. Raised in Pittsburgh. I think I've been outside Pennsylvania for somewhere less than a month in my 25 years of life. Got my first computer at about 8, a hand-me-down C64 from my grandfather, and started programming at about 8 and three months. Finally made the switch to Windows in 1993 or so (but not on my C64), built my own system (also not a C64) in 2003.

Picked up a B.S. Biochemistry from St. Vincent College, tried to get a job, failed miserably at getting a job, went to Pitt and got my BSIS, and now I'm taking graduate school one day at a time. Eventually I want to unite my interests into a powerful, world-conquering behemoth, so I'm taking some joint courses with CBMI.

Where I've Worked

U. S. Steel. Designing in good ol' COBOL and making incremental upgrades to form fill-in menu screens. Yes, large corporations still use software from 30 years ago, and on several memorable occasions written by people who didn't believe in these new-fangled "arrays". I think this is a conspiracy by the current gurus to keep their jobs, since your average student hits the workforce thinking that COBOL was something the dinosaurs would look down on for being primitive.

And from there to the usability labs, where I'm working on an interactive GUI for a joint project with Lockheed Martin and the USAF. I can't say much more than that.