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Some links for you! Some are for business, some are for pleasure. Just be sure you know when it's time for business.


Mozilla Firefox. My alternate browser of choice, now with improved Not Blacklisted by the Department of Homeland Security for Gaping Security Holes Action!

The CSS Zen Garden. Yes, that's all the same text each and every time. Ain't formatting grand? Contemplate the universe, or at least that part of it that can fit inside your browser, and enjoy the vast wealth of practical examples.

WestCiv's CSS guide. Vital if you want to use CSS. The browser compatibility section is especially informative.

O'Reilly's Manuals For Darn Near Everything. You may regret buying one, but it'll be five years later and the standards will have changed. So very useful.


The Kingdom of Loathing. Eats your soul for fifteen minutes once a day.

AdventureQuest. Eats your soul on a continuing basis.

City of Heroes. Eats your soul with spandex.

The Quote Files at What happens when the internet stops being polite and starts being real. Caution: not safe for work, labs, or anywhere, really.