Paul M. Arezina
206 Highland Road
Penn Hills, PA 15235
(412) 371-4830

Hello, prospective groupmates!

My name is Paul Arezina, and I'm a master's student in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. You probably knew that, but an introduction has to start somewhere.

The Bio

Born in Pittsburgh. Raised in Pittsburgh. I think I've been outside Pennsylvania for somewhere less than a month in my 25 years of life, though I'm racking up the count now, going on the road to test software I'm writing for Lockheed Martin and the Air Force. (There's a large man in a black suit who says I can't say any more than that.) Got my first computer at about 8, a hand-me-down C64 from my grandfather, and started programming at about 8 and three months. Finally made the switch to Windows in 1993 or so (but not on my C64), built my own system (also not a C64) in 2003.

So right now, I'm living from day-to-day working my way through a master's degree. Eventually I want to do something with the biochemistry degree I got from St. Vincent College and the bachelor's from Pitt, so that means bioinformatics, so that means biomedical informatics here, but exactly what form all this will take I don't know yet.