Odain Alias: Adao


Played By: JustinR [arsenal13@usa.net]


Homeworld: El Hazard


Character Description:


Adao stands at 5', and looks to be about 14 or 15 years old at most. She has shoulder length black hair and purple eyes, with rather pale white skin. She wears a sort of silky trenchcoat-like garment over a blue and black bodysuit, and also wears a sort of veil.




As a prototype Demon Goddess, Adao is a highly technologically advanced being, so much so that it is difficult to discern whether she is robotic or organic even internally. However, her construction allows her a few special abilities: she is much stronger then her size would indicate (despite the fact she's a small girl, she has the approximate strength of a weightlifter), and her body is more resistant to damage then a human's; indeed, it is almost completely resistant to energy-based attack, and can memorize and store energy or magic-based techniques so they may later be mimicked. Up to eight techniques can be stored this way, although they consume more energy then they would from the targets she learned them from. This is due to the added energy needed to emulate the technique (the amount of energy varies depending on what the technique is; healing powers would take more energy to emulate the destructive ones, due to the original purpose of the Demon Goddess as a weapon). Adao can also fly via levitation, but not very far off the ground, and not exceptionally fast.




Adao cannot learn techniques merely be watching them, they must actually be used on or against her. In the case of highly powerful energy attacks, this can be dangerous, as she is resistant, but not immune to such attacks. Matter-based weaponry, such as bullet-firing guns and the like, although not as effective as they would be on a human, are still effective, and Adao's body repairs itself slower then a human's does, although it could probably recover from more extensive injuries. Because her powers run on a sort of internal "mainspring", much like a clock's, Adao is dependent on other people to "wind" her with the Power Key when her energy runs low, which often happens after prolonged or intense fighting or energy use.




Despite her rather long existence, Adao is a relatively blank slate, with only rudimentary reading, writing and math skills.




Adao only has one piece of equipment, her Power Key, which almost resembles a five and half foot tall ornamented tuning fork, with two green orbs placed in the shaft of it. Her Power Key is needed for her to focus her energy attacks though, and is needed to "wind" her, so if the Key is destroyed, in ensures Adao's eventual death. The Key is rugged, but not invincible.




Adao is overall rather friendly, although with the weakening of her Control Circuitry, the onrushing emotions often confuses and frustrates her, and her rather simplistic training means the her is unused to most of the simple routines that most people have in their life, and has difficulty actually participating in society on the level of other people.




Adao was a prototype "Demon Goddess", a sort of supersoldier that used highly advanced technology to acquire and use abilities from their enemies. Adao was eventually scrapped in favor of the more powerful Ifurita, and put in storage until the city was was being stored in was ravaged by the Eye of God, shredding the dimensional fabric and throwing Adao into Odain.


Theme: "Golem", Voivod