ortraits of Odain avatars and assorted other artwork can be found here.


urrently available:


Azure – our resident lightning magess, complete with eldritch blue glow around a pair of striking mechanical replicas of hands. For some reason, people find this to be a bit off-putting, so she's posed for this sketch with her gloves on.


Some of our more prominent villains pose in an attempt to prove that anything is cute if you scale it down enough. (From left to right: Justonav, Aeris, Rajpol [he’s got no profile], Tristan, and Victor.)


Donnie – our resident genetic mishmash, who is 50% less likely than the leading genetic mishmash to snap and kill us all.


A pleasant little dream sequence featuring Owen, Donnie, and Mewling. This is Owen’s half of the dream – this is a family site, so we can’t show you Donnie’s. And here is Owen's Dream in glorious Technicolor, at no additional charge.


Marse – the strongarm. She’s well over seven feet tall and capable of folding sheet metal into a paper airplane. Amazing what the camera takes away, innit?


Slash – cat! ^.^ ...don’t ask. Just don’t ask.


Terasuko and Richard finally getting married. Events in drawing may occur later than they appear.


Mar and Zim – mother and daughter, respectively. ...for those curious, Mar’s the one on the left. That’s the thing with elves, you can't tell what generation is where in the family portraits. Oh, and they're chibified here if you feel the need for a sudden sugar shock.


Tilani Locksten – elf gunslinger, Texas Ranger, and general continuity nightmare.


Meiri – the resident bipolar. No, not _that_ kind of bipolar.


Breeze – the wind magess. She floats on a cushion of air! ...err, not really, but it makes for great copy, doesn’t it?


Victor in his natural habitat. Though we haven’t been able to pin down what moon it is yet.


Azure and Damon (don’t look for his profile either, folks). Unsure whether this is taken from life or merely a vivid dream, but she looks happy so I'm not going to pry.


Ryu posing. You know you want him, baby.


Terasuko, our resident mystic blind priestess. There’s always one.


The entire cast of Odain’s first Swap Day – this is before they were reconfigured for maximum oddballness. Not that you can tell.


Tsuiko, the resident fox-spirit. Yes, I’m aware she doesn’t look like the furry sort of fox. It's an art practiced over centuries and honed to perfection. Show some respect. But you can see her a little less formally here.