erith Gainsborough


Odain Alias: Aerith


Played by: Kenny Blackwell (


Homeworld: The Seventh Realm (Final Fantasy VII)


Physical Description:


Aerith is a twenty-two year old woman who stands at 5 feet 3 inches and weighs at least 90 pounds. Strikingly beautiful, Aerith wears her long chestnut brown hair in a braided ponytail held together in a pink ribbon and has sparkling green eyes. She is seen clad in a pink buttoned dress, loose-fitting brown boots, silver bracelets, and a red leather topcoat, along with a drawstring necklace around her neck.




Aerith is the last of the Cetra, or Ancients, which were a race in tune with the harmony of nature itself. Normally in tune with the force of energy deep within the Planet known as Lifestream, Aerith is only weakly in tune with this force on Odain, as only a small portion of it is familiar to her. Despite this, Aerith still has an empathic attunement to all living things, able to understand any non-sentient lifeform she can focus on.




Aerith does know how to defend herself if she needs to, and thus has good skills with using a staff. She is also quite adequate as a gardener, able to tend to flowers easily, which is her specialty.




Aerith is a very poor hand-to-hand combatant; her body isn't suited for rigorous exercise, so she rather avoids combat whenever possible.




Aerith carries with her the Princess Guard, a Cetra staff that she uses to defend herself with. The Princess Guard is unbreakable, and seems to materialize into Aerith's hand when she mentally calls for it. She also has in her hair ribbon the White Materia, a pearl-like bauble that is purported to possess the ultimate attack known as Holy; in this only Aerith or another Cetra is able to use the White Materia to summon the extremely powerful spell. Moreover, the White Materia is indestructible, able to survive ground zero in an atomic explosion, for example. However, the White Materia is inert and all but useless in Odain; if Aerith were to attempt to summon Holy in Odain and if she were to be killed, the power put into the White Materia would have all the destructive power of a roll of firecrackers.




Aerith tries to be bright, sweet, gentle, and innocent. She's never without a kind word or greeting, and treats everyone as equals. She gives everyone she meets the benefit of the doubt, regardless of their true nature, though if her trust is betrayed, she never forgets, and becomes cold towards that person until they redeem themselves in her eyes; this can serve as a strength, but also as a weakness to those who can take advantage. She also has the tendency of being a bit stubborn, usually going off and doing her own thing because she feels it's the right thing to do, and usually won't change her mind about it. This has lead to her current destiny... to die in the defense of the Planet she loves. She realizes that in Odain her destiny is in danger of not being fulfilled; if she fails, her home reality, for all intents and purposes, is doomed. And so she seeks a way to return home, hoping that she'll be one day returned to the exact spot and time she was taken from in her home world.


Connections: In Odain, none.




Even as a child Aerith understood her importance, even though she had little understanding of her true destiny. Living in the slums of the city of Midgar, Aerith did her best to brighten some people's lives in her own way as a flower girl, tending and growing the lovely plants in a church. Her destiny began to approach when she met the mercenary known as Cloud Strife... feeling herself obligated to help him, she voluntarily joined him and his friends in a quest to try to rescue the Planet from the Jenova-enhanced madman known as Sephiroth. In time she began to understand her true purpose as a Cetra, and ultimately her fate. Although saddened by this fact, Aerith did her best to hide her true feelings and not worry anyone, living her life to her fullest.  Then her time had come...having left without telling her friends for the Forgotten City in Icicle, Aerith set out to enter the secret Cetra city to summon Holy in the hopes of counteracting Sephiroth's Meteor, even though she knew it meant her death. However, hours before she was to enter the Forgotten City, while in the Sleeping Forest, she had found herself in the caverns of Odain. Realizing that she was truly lost in another reality, though she doesn't know where exactly, she had set out to explore the tunnels to find the surface... or anyone else within the twisting caverns.