ilhelm Alder


Odain Alias: ProfessorAlder


Played By: Ben-San Arizona


Homeworld: Pokeverse, Extinction timeline




Professor Alder is a man in his early forties with brown hair and a pronounced bald spot. He wears square-lensed glasses over brown eyes. He always wears a white labcoat (although it is currently rather dingy and torn), and affects a fedora to cover his bald spot. He's in surprisingly good shape for an academic. He has a nearly-perpetual nervous fidget around other people, although his hands are steady as a surgeon's when needed for his work.


Powers: None beyond those of a normal human.




Alder is quite knowledgeable regarding Pokemon (particularly Psychic- and Ghost-types) and is his world's leading expert regarding the strange runes called Unown. He is also familiar with Pokedex technology, having designed and programmed the variant known as the Unodex. Having spent more than his share of time in ruins and caves searching for the Unown hieroglyphs, Alder is familiar with such environments, although he is used to exploring them as part of a proper archaeological team.


Weaknesses: Professor Alder is nearsighted, and rather uncomfortable in non-academic social situations.




Alder owns a variant Pokedex called an Unnodex. This contains a great deal of information, almost all of it collected by himself, on the subject of the Unown. The Unown are a strange kind of Pokemon whose powers and nature are almost totally unknown. They are believed to have some connection to the religion of the Legendary Birds and the legend of the Messiah, and the early pictographs which later evolved into the current alphabet appear to have been based on their shapes. Tiles and clay figures depicting them have also been found in ruins and caves; images of these and information about them are also found in the Unnodex.


In the pockets of his lab coat can be found two Pokeballs, specimen bags, a magnifying glass, a Sharpie-style pen, a small brush, a flashlight and a multipurpose tool; also, his wallet contains identification as a member of the faculty of Orchid University and 5200P.


Pokemon Roster: Although not properly equipment, this is the most suitable spot to list them.


  • Sandshrew: This Pokemon isn't well-trained for combat. However, he is adept at navigating underground and has often served as a guide for Alder during expeditions. He has also been trained to be able to use his Dig with great care and precision to excavate partially-buried artifacts without damaging the artifact or any surrounding structures. Sandshrew considers himself an expert adventurer, but knows that he isn't a fighter by any stretch. Attacks: Scratch, Sand-Attack, Dig


  • Unown: The abilities and nature of this Pokemon remain a mystery despite careful scanning and study. This is Professor Alder's most valued possession, since it is the only Unnown which has been captured for study; its general shape resembles an X. This has made it of particular importance in the scientific community, since the meaning of the pictograph associated with this Unnown has yet to be discovered. This Unown is entirely silent, and acts on motivations known only to itself. Attacks: Hidden Power




Professor Alder is uncomfortable in non-academic situations. Normally, he is basically friendly, although he has a tendency to slip into a lecturing mode. However, learning that General Ashton is seeking the Unnown has made him wary of discussing his research with unfamiliar people.