lex Draco / all Blanc


Odain Aliases: Alex / Nall


Played By: Glazius Falconar (GlaziusFalconar@peoplepc.com)


Homeworld: Lunar (Silver Star continuity)


Physical Description:


Alex is a middle-aged man, standing about 5' 8", with bright green eyes and close-cropped brown hair, and a mustache and beard cut similarly short. He normally wears simple clothing, a loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt and long canvas pants in earth tones, but carries a fur-trimmed parka in case of ill weather. He'd be rather impressively muscled if his clothing wasn't loose enough to conceal it. There's a very obvious wedding ring on his right hand, obvious because it's set with a large blue near-spherical gem, about half an inch across. Alex carries a weathered sword in an old sling that's been patched so many times it's difficult to make out what, if anything, the original pattern was. Alex's armor, which he doesn't often put on, is similar to full-plate, complete with helm and shield, but set with fist-sized red crystals in clusters on the shield, chest, forearms, and thighs, and a single one on the helm.


Nall is a white, catlike, flying creature, with a brown stripe starting at the center of his forehead and running down his spine. His wings are furred, rather than feathered, and they come out about midway up his spine. He can transform into a larger, draconic, form, which has the same general skeletal structure as the cat-form, but with a longer neck, vaguely reptilian head, and the same fine white fur covering the body. Nall's cat-form is about the same size as a cat, while his draconic form is easily 50 feet long.




Alex has no supernatural powers at all. None whatsoever. None.


Nall, obviously, does. He can store items (like Alex's armor) in a pocket dimension for later retrieval; there seems to be a practical limit on individual items as being about the size of a suit of armor, and only whole items can be stored, not piecemeal bits of a larger one. Nall's dragon-form isn't of much practical use in combat, as Nall's not used to using it at _all_ and is as likely to hit Alex as whatever he's fighting. It does, however, have one power; it can protect up to three people, within about five feet of each other, from harm from melee or magical attacks for about fifteen seconds. Nall gets to choose who's affected, but this effort is very draining and will both reduce him to relatively helpless cat-form and knock him out for a few hours. Nall can shift forms with a small effort of will, but generally stays in cat-form most of the time, both because he's used to it and because it's got really good agility in the air. He's also got _very_ minor restorative powers in cat-form... generally enough to sustain someone who's at the brink of death for a few hours until they can get proper treatment.




Alex has normal human weaknesses. He's a bit less susceptible to psychic influence or "field" damage, such as firestorms, tornados, etc., than a normal human, but his skin doesn't turn aside blades or anything like that. Nall is almost immune to field-magical damage in both cat and dragon forms, though targeted spells (like a lightning bolt) or physical attacks are going to hurt.




Alex is a fairly competent outdoorsman; though cave survival is a bit beyond his capabilities, he's a decent swimmer and can live for months in the woods, provided there's an adequate natural food supply. He's also familiar with the daily tasks of running a farm; plowing the fields, feeding the chickens, milking the cows, et cetera, often ad nauseum. And he's managed to have three kids with Luna, though _those_ skills probably aren't going to come into play. Oh, and he's a really, really, good swordsman. He doesn't know much in the way of fancy attack patterns with his sword, but he can deliver blows quickly, accurately, and powerfully, and he doesn't get tired very easily. He can perform some carnival-style tricks that call for fast motion, like cutting an apple in even slices in the air or giving himself a shave with the sword, but air-pressure strikes or ki projectiles are definitely beyond his capabilities. He can also play a decent ocarina, though most of the music he knows will seem to be missing something in the melody line...


Nall can speak human language very well, but aside from that and being a flying cat-thingy that can turn into a dragon, he doesn't have much in the way of trade skills.




Alex also carries an ocarina in his sling. It's battered, but it can still produce decent music, though the music itself has no special properties. In addition to a couple extra sets of clothes (just in case), Nall also carries:


  • HEALING ITEMS: three healing nuts and three star lights. The nuts are good for combating battle fatigue and bruising, and the star lights are good for mental fatigue - mostly Nall's. Once eaten or broken open, they can't be replaced; each is equivalent to about four hours' rest in terms of restorative power.


  • THE ARMOR: Forged out of meteoric steel, it's pretty hard to breach. Mostly, it prevents cuts - the armor's light enough to move in comfortably, so the impacts still make it through to cause bruising damage and pain, but anything that'll break a bone or cut Alex's skin has to get through the armor first, except in the case of sudden and powerful blunt impacts. Alex's sword is forged from the same substance, and is very strong despite its apparent weathering.




Alex is rather like a grizzled old warrior, except without the grizzled and old parts. He's been all over the world - _his_ world, anyway - and seen all sorts of things, ranging from the raw magic of the Dragons to the terrible technology of the Grindery, so it's rather difficult to faze him. He generally takes a very laid-back attitude toward life, tending to group people into those who get along well with others and those who need to be persuaded to - there's not much room for _genuine_ evil in his worldview, though sufficient depravity is going to be enough to put it back in. He's very confident in his own abilities, but also aware that magic is enough to trump them. He'll generally be friendly to people, and at least civil to anybody who's evil consistently enough to make an impression on him. He does love his wife very much, and isn't going to seriously pursue a romantic relationship with anyone else.


Nall, on the other hand, fancies himself a wit, and he's generally right. He'll make light of almost anything and anybody, and dart out of reach, or try to, if they lash out. He won't, however, make fun of anybody who's obviously in pain or disabled; he's not mean, he just figures the world could do with a bit of lightening up now and again. He also really doesn't want to take up his post as a Dragon, because it'd mean hiding himself in a cave and away from just about everybody - he likes to interact with people.




In Odain, he probably won't remember anybody, as it's been about twenty years, and stuff has happened since then.




Among the stuff that's happened:


Nash came back from his sojourn in the Nexus in time to help Mia stabilize the Grindery enough to cut the Dragons out - except for Quark, the old White Dragon, who didn't survive the strain. Nall's training to take his place. They've since... not exactly _married_, but gone on to co-lead the Magic Guild, and rumors are flying about possible behind-closed-doors activities, as there hasn't been a public wedding.


Jessica de Alkirk and the bandit Kyle returned from who-knows-where, with Jessica obviously pregnant. Kyle and Jess's father fought each other to a standstill over the course of a week, at which point Hell Mel grudgingly accepted the coupling. Kyle's training the eldest of his five sons now, and Mel's grooming him to take over leadership of Meribia.


Tempest and Fresca are working on a round dozen children - Alex and Luna occasionally stop by, and Alex's armor and sword were a gift from the Plains people.


Ramus is currently middle-aged, fabulously wealthy, and has a reputation for giving the former Dragonmaster all the free stuff he could carry when he went to save the world. He is fervently attempting to stay a bachelor.


Luna is pregnant with her third child - she and Alex have traveled the world, giving concerts, as her voice is still beautiful if not the supernatural dynamo it originally was. She's currently back in Burg, and sent Alex off to get strawberries in winter. He good-naturedly accepted, not knowing the cave he'd shelter in from a sudden snowstorm would dump him and Nall elsewhere. The two are still inseparable, despite Alex's occasional urging for Nall to try this mystic Dragon thing every now and again.