llysandria Elise Scott


Odain alias: Ally


Played by: Lisa M Mazur


Homeworld: Alternate Earth; Cairo, Egypt


Physical Description


Ally is 5’4” and weighs around 110 lbs.  She has sparkling emerald eyes, as well as long wavy dark brown hair. She’s slender, athletic and strong.  She has a slender face, and full lips.  She normally wears jeans, stretch pants (black), tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and always has the red strip of cloth given to her by Ryo that used to be his mothers. When she dresses up, she wears a black dress. She also has a medallion with the symbol of wildfire around her neck that she never takes off.




When Ryo allows it, (which isn’t too often) Ally can access the power of Wildfire to assist her in attacks. Meaning she can don the armor to help her heal from wounds, etc.




When Ally does not have access to the armor of wildfire, she is as vulnerable as any normal human being, meaning she is susceptible to attacks when in her normal street clothes.




Ally has her gun, the ancient books of her heritage (book of Amon Ra and the book of the Dead) She also has use to the Swords of Fervor that Ryo uses and is encased on White Blaze’s back.




Ally is very well skilled in using swords, and is well trained in martial arts, thanks to extra training she received from Ryo.  Ally also can sing rather well, as well as make her own clothing when need be.




Ally is mentally strong and stable.  She is very compassionate to her friends, and is very loyal. Her love is very strong for Ryo and White Blaze. She can be very stubborn when it comes to thinking, and lets her heart rule her rational brain, but when worse comes to worse she can handle herself well in battle.




Ally was born of an American Egyptologist, and an Egyptian priestess/librarian in Cairo, Egypt.  Ally’s parents, Marcus and Najei Scott, well-known Egyptian archeologists, were killed by murderers. Ally would have died then as well, if it weren’t for her half brother, Naxum, who stumbled upon the scene, and took Ally to finish raising her with the Magi, their mother’s people.  As Ally gets older, she realizes that her mother was the priestess of their clan, and that she was the descendant of the great priestess Anaksunamun, and her lover, the high priest Imhotep. She is presented with two books, similar to the book of Amon-Ra, and the book of the Dead. When Ally reached the age of twenty, she realizes that her time to go out on her own was now, and given blessing from Naxum, she went and took over her father's’ archeology business, making it even more well known.  One day on a ride with her Horse, Imhotep, she encounters a massive sandstorm, and remarkably, ends up in the Nexus Tower.


When she is in the tower, she meets many people, including Donnie, Ellon Ravenhurst, but namely meets and falls in Love with Ryo Sanada, a Ronin Warrior, as well as Ryo’s companion, White Blaze.  She gives each of them the symbol of her family, a medallion with the picture of a flame, similar to meaning wildfire… and She is given a medallion of the symbol of Wildfire, which has helped her in terms of harnessing the power of the Wildfire, meaning that her and Ryo can share the aspect of wearing the armor, and using it’s full capabilities. (See Ryo’s profile for more info). 


Just before they fall through the portal and arrive at Odain, Ally, Ryo, and WhiteBlaze battle Setisi, the evil demon lord that had been torturing Ally’s family since back in ancient Egyptian times.