lucard Tepes


Odain Alias: Alucard


Played By: RyanP (


Homeworld: Castlevania


Character Description:


Tall, at least 6'6" in height.  Lithe, muscular frame. Long, silvery hair that goes to the middle of his back.  Silver eyes.  As he is half-vampire, his complexion is naturally very pale.  He is almost always clad in his Alucard Armor, a gold-colored armor with black edges, a black and red cloak, with his sword clasped to his belt.




Before being stranded on the Nexus planet, Alucard had a number of spells and shapeshifting powers at his command.  However, after awakening before the Tower, he has forgotten how to use them, and his amnesia remains.  He remembers what they were, and that he was once able to use them, but not how to use them.  As a result, he only has three powers.  The first is his vampiric physical abilities; he has strength, stamina, and agility significantly above normal human levels.  The second is his ability to drain blood from a victim via his fangs, which he can then use to heal his own wounds.  And finally, Alucard is ageless; he will never suffer the ravages of old age, no matter how many centuries pass behind him.  He is not immortal, however; he can still be killed by violent means. Since his powers come from his vampiric blood, his physical attributes are doubled when his dark side is dominant; when this occurs, his eyes blaze blood red.  This is a rather pricey power boost, however, as he has virtually no control over himself in this form.




As a half-vampire, he is vulnerable to holy energies, though not quite as much as a full-blooded vampire would be.  The sight of an object that contains such a force physically repulses him, though he can control this repulsion through a strong feat of willpower.  Touching a weapon or person endowed with those energies causes his flesh to smoke.  Also as a result of his heritage, he is only able to heal wounds at a fourth of the rate normal for humans, unless he uses blood taken from others to heal himself.


Also, he must constantly struggle against his vampiric side, to keep it from taking control.  This is especially true when drinking blood, as it makes his vampiric side temporarily much more powerful.  Furthermore, recently Alucard's dark side has become stronger and stronger, and harder for him to control.  Only through immense self-discipline is he able to maintain his true identity while in the midst of battle.




Alucard is extremely well-trained in melee combat, especially sword fighting.  Also, as a vampire hunter himself, he is skilled in the special weapons of the vampire hunters, including the throwing axe and dagger.




Underneath his black and red cloak, Alucard wears a suit of plate mail that is a family heirloom.  It is magically enchanted, and protects Alucard from all but the most extreme heat and cold.  This enchantment also enables it to be repaired without reducing its defensive power.  Usually strapped to his back is another family heirloom, his shield.  The shield is able to deflect some magical attacks, though its power is limited to mid-rank spells, at best.  And, of course, it can be used to deflect physical attacks. Alucard's primary weapon is yet another heirloom, the Alucard sword.  The word "ALUCARD" is engraved on the hilt, which is made of steel covered in gold.  It is also enchanted to be unbreakable, with a razor's edge that seemingly never dulls or chips.  Within his cloak and strapped to his belt, also, Alucard has 12 small throwing daggers, the blades of which are about 6" in length, and a small, purple throwing axe.




Before he came to the Nexus, Alucard was completely and totally convinced he was damned for eternity, because of his actions and his cursed half-vampiric blood.  Finding people that would accept him despite his past caused him to realise something; that eternal life is more about simply surviving.  He still has bouts of self-doubt, but has gained a fierce loyalty both to his friends and to the human race.  As a result of his centuries of isolation, he may be sometimes less than a social genius, but his infrequent coldness towards people belies a genuine concern for the welfare of man. His vampiric side is nothing more than a mindless beast, that seeks to 1) feed itself upon the blood of the living, and 2) destroy those it perceives as enemies.  Alucard despises this part of himself, and would seek to hold it at bay at all times. 




Alucard is the son of Count Dracula, and has fought against him ever since the vampire hunter Sonia Belmont defeated him, and showed him the error of his father's ways.  He was sleeping inside a family tomb, awaiting the next time his father would awake, when he suddenly awoke before the Tower.  After a time there, Alucard left to be with the love of his life, the elven Tellea, and when they came back, the Tower was gone.  They then went on a search for their fellow members of the Nexus, which has led them to Odain.




Alucard has made a number of friends (and several enemies, as well) in his time on the Nexus planet, the most noteworthy of which is his lover, Tellea.