lys Kyra Ashley


Odain Alias: Alys


Played By: Glazius Falconar (


Homeworld: Motavia, Phantasy Star continuity


Physical Description:


Alys is about 5'4", with piercing blue eyes and a long mane of blond hair that reaches nearly to her waist. She looks to be about 14. She usually wears a black bodysuit with silvery armor plates covering the more vital points, and a hiking-style backpack. It's got a few changes of clothes in it, so if the climate warrants, Alys will be going around in a loose T-shirt and calf-length shorts. Alys also has one odd distinguishing feature - a pair of long, pointed ears tipped with black that grow from where her ears would normally be... to help visualize this, this is Alys's mother, Rika, who she takes after. Just imagine her with blond hair, really...




Like all Hunters, Alys has learned how to channel her mental energy into the production of elemental forms called Techniques and learned a few combat skills which put a bit of strain on her endurance. She knows the forms for many Techniques, but the only ones she can weave with decent power are:


  • Gires: A moderate-power healing technique. It can close flesh wounds and heal simple fractures, or restore a little vitality to someone who's worked their body to exhaustion.


  • Tsu: A Technique that creates a lance of light from Alys's palm. The light has very little in the way of a physical presence, so all it can create in the way of lasting injury is a burn. It's effective on immaterial enemies as well as the normal sort.


  • Zan: A Technique that creates a small whirlwind. It does damage to exposed skin and/or circuitry or armor by whipping gravel or sand around at high speed.


Alys is also capable of pulling off a few tricks in combat; one is a simple, rapid, X-shaped slash with her arm blades. Another is the generation of five mirages that vaguely resemble her; not much good at close range, but the existence of multiple forms is a bit of a distraction. A third is a rapid charge-and-slash that will take her through and past the striking range of most enemies. Performing one of these tricks or using a Technique is rather like flexing a muscle; Alys can pull off at most six Techniques of any sort or about three of each trick before her mind or body are too exhausted for anything but normal operation. A few hours of rest - not necessarily sleep - will clear that up.




Alys is... rather naive. She refuses to believe anyone is capable of deliberate evil without overwhelming evidence. She's also rather easily mislead.




Alys has about the equivalent of a high-school education, so far as it's applicable; she knows a lot about the specialized ecology of Motavia and the history of the Algo system, but that's almost useless in Odain from a practical standpoint. What's _not_ useless is her Hunter training; she knows a bit about survival - mostly in deserts, but they covered caves as well - and how to use her "signature" arm-blades fairly well. She's not on the level of an _expert_ swordsman, but she knows enough to make a credible stand against a professional or defeat an unskilled opponent easily.




Alys has a week's worth (for her, at least - she can get by on less food and water than most people) of traveling rations and water in her backpack, along with a very few curative items; about ten which duplicate the effects of Gires, and three which can fix almost anything a surgeon could. Once gone, however, they're gone for _good_. In addition to her armored bodysuit, Alys will _always_ carry (even if she changes clothes) a pair of what looks like hiltless scimitars, sheathed in her belt. These clip onto her wrists in combat, giving her what looks like a single-bladed version of Wolverine's claws.




Alys is indefatigably cheerful. She comes from what is, essentially, a utopia, and sees no reason why pain is anything but a fleeting thing. She's got... a _huge_ variety of quirks that come from living in a desert society, or just having an extremely alternate past... it's a good bet that _any_ reference to anything outside of Odain is going to have some bizarre otherworldly interpretation back on Motavia. She's very chatty unless someone's asked her to listen, and will talk a lot about things she's done or seen back home.




Alys was the first subject of an experimental dimension-traveling machine that failed - sort of - and gave her a connection to the original Nexus. One day, the portal back to the Nexus from her home planet simply... refused to work, and the machine went back into development.


Four years passed.


A _working_ machine was built at the Academy, and guess who's going on the pilot mission again. And guess where she'll end up.


Get a brief overview of Phantasy Star IV at if you want to understand the further-back bits of Alys's backstory. She was named after Chaz's mentor, the Alys with brown hair you'll see now and again; she's a next-generation character, and thus non-canonical.


Connections: None of real note; she wasn't too closely tied to anyone before Odain.