maera Requetus


Odain Alias: Amaera


Played By: JustinR []


Homeworld: Original


Character Description:


Amaerea is extremely short, at around 5'2". She's also rather skinny and small to boot, but makes up for this but covering herself with layers upon layer of impressive (yet slightly worn looking) black and silver mage robes. She has long black hair with two wisps of hair falling over her face, and carries a rather large and elaborate staff (described in Equipment).




Amaera is an artificer, although she's a bit of a novice at the practice. Major artifacts are out of her reach entirely, and smaller, personal magical items take around two weeks for her to make, provided she can get the right materials.




Amaera has the same vulnerabilities as most people, and her rather peculiar fiscal and social positions can be used against her as well.




Besides her artifact making abilities, Amaera also has some knowledge of the art of smithing, but lacks the strength to actually put this knowledge to use by herself. She also has the usual noble background of knowing proper etiquette, dancing, reading and writing, riding horses (although she's not particularly good at this either), and being a really arrogant jerk when the situation demands it.




Besides her clothing, Amaera carries with her four daggers, two medallions, and a gauntlet with the express purpose of using these items to create magical items for profit. In addition to these, Amaera carries a small pouch filled with silver coins, and her own magical weapon:


ARTACHELON: Amaera's enchanted staff. It's heavily ornate, and makes a serviceable spear, due to the thin blade at the tip of it. This blade's main purpose is to provide a channeling point for the staff's main power, creating dimensional portals. The effect is somewhat akin to "cutting through dimensions". Also, the staff can generate a rather weak barrier spell that's capable of taking one or two spells, a few physical hits, or a few bullets.




Amaera's sort of a paradox. She's not greedy or particularly cruel in her own right, rather she's a pretty nice woman when you get to know her. But her family's current indebtedness, she's forced to become a huge moneygrubber, prodded on by her father to get money for the family via basically any means possible (just don't get caught).




Amaera is part of the house of Requetus, a once prominent house that fell into bad times due to overspending during a war. This left the house in sore need of money, so Amaera's father, Mortigar, gave her Artachelon and sent her on a mission to gather money, and her mission currently has lead her to Odain.