my Sloak


Odain Alias: Amy


Played By: Alex Arjad


Home Universe: Orginial/Earthoid


(Notes on Amy's home universe: Amy comes from a world where magic, psionics, and technology exist side-by-side.  Even though she is not well versed in any of the above, she has a vague idea of the appropriate applications of each.)


Appearance: 5' 8" 140 lbs, green eyes and red hair, and fairly attractive. Moderate build. Prefers clothing appropriate for wilderness living. About twenty-five years old.




Amy's only power is the ability to make objects "part of herself," which enables her to carry around a piece of equipment without encumbrance or threat of entanglement.  She was born with the ability to align her aura to that of an inanimate object, an ability that is undeveloped because of her lack of training and interest in magic.  Due to this, it takes a long time to activate.  Amy must first carry the object for a month, and during that time, log twenty hours of use.  (Practice, etc.)  If she does not use the piece of equipment for twenty hours in that time, the power becomes active after she logs twenty hours of use.  After this, the power is negated if the object is entirely moved more than a foot away from her.  Then, she needs to begin the aura-alignment process again if she wants to regain the no-encumbrance/no entanglement bonus.




Rash and adventurous, Amy suffers from a weakness to psionic attack, especially those which are intended to incite to action.  (ie, berzerk, confusion effects, etc.)  She is also singleminded, and if distracted, can be effectively "put out of the way" for a time.




With regards to combat, Amy is an exceptional martial artist.  On her world, she studied a style that bears obvious resemblance to several from our own, especially the offensive styles, but is not clearly any of them.  In a pinch when fists are not adequate, Amy also is a skilled sword fighter, but she prefers martial arts to swordplay.  Finally, as a last resort, she can wield her sword in one hand and her grappling hook in the other, spinning it over her head as through to attack with it and the sword at the same time.  The grappling hook is virtually useless, but it does LOOK intimidating.  The first rule of survival against a superior opponent is to look more powerful than you really are. She also knows many standard wilderness survival tricks, which include starting a fire without flint and tinder, hunting with bow and arrow, tracking, constructing crude shelters, finding edible plants, etc.  Finally, her senses have been heightened from spending long stretches of time in the wilderness, resulting in the following abilities.


Amy can sense a corporeal being approaching without looking.  This ability depends on smell and hearing, so a character who hasn't bathed in a while, is heavy-footed, or wears perfume/cologne would be more likely to be noticed, and a character with a more consistent hygiene regimen, doesn't wear cologne/perfume, and is good at stealth movement would be less likely to be noticed.


Nothing thrills Amy more than night-time hiking, during a new moon, and without a light source, something that most outdoorsmen would tell you is very, very stupid, or at least those from her world.  She has come away from several night-time encounters that should have, by all rights, left her dead.  Due to this, she has developed the ability to fight in pitch-darkness with more effectiveness than a normal human would.  This depends on hearing, balance, and knowledge of the opponent's fight style at melee range, and smell, hearing, and being able to predict the opponent's next move at longer ranges.


There have also been times where Amy has been forced to take to her feet at night, and many of these encounters should have left her dead.  Due to this, she can run over otherwise very treacherous ground in pitch darkness at normal rate.  This ability is dependant on her balance.  It is of note that there is nothing magical about this ability, and hence it would not stop her from running into a sudden pitfall, a sheer wall, or even slam into a wall on a sharp turn.  If it was not pitch dark, however, she would be able to avoid such obstacles with ease, owing to her acute sense of sight.




Amy carries with her a sword, which she has made "part of herself," as well as a rope and grappling hook, which is also "part of herself." She also has a sturdy shirt and pants, apparently denim, but much more sturdy.  She also has a set of warm clothing in her backpack(animal fur), along with three day's worth of dried meat rations and a canteen of water.




Amy is rash and reckless, and although her equipment would probably indicate someone somewhat more cautious, she adopted these measures so that she would have less to worry about and thus be able to engage in yet more reckless adventures.  Amy is very sensitive to social status with respect to groups of people.  In a society that is prejudiced, especially sexist, (which gender favored is irrelevant) she will be cold, distant, irritable, sarcastic, very confrontational, and occasionally violent.  In society that is "reasonably egalitarian," (her words) she is warm and friendly, if somewhat confrontational.  Aside from this, she takes her life rather seriously, and has little to say to "jokers" or "airheads."  Amy has an especial hatred for men with "Prince Charming complexes" and women with "princess complexes."  (She has never met a woman with a "Prince Charming complex" or a man with a "princess complex," but that may change.)  Amy is driven to "see what is out there."  She has explored dozens of strange ruins in the unexplored wilderness, some to her benefit, some not.  (The last one was a real doozy.)  If she is unable to "see what is out there," she might decide to take up a cause for social liberty or justice, but she believes that a society is made up of individuals, and therefore individuals have the ability to change society.  (She realizes that this is more true in some societies than in others.)  Finally, she is given to strange expletives.




From her early days, it was obvious that Amy was "different."  She refused to wear dresses, and was far more confrontational than her colleagues.  Shunned by her peers, Amy's father enrolled her in self-defense classes to bolster her self-esteem, and taught her wilderness survival to strengthen their father-daughter bond, so that he might have influence with her to compete with her callous peers.  Later, Amy started looking at the wilderness as an escape from the societal pressures of civilized life. Spending long stretches of time in the wild, she eventually developed certain abilities, which can easily be explained in terms of heightened senses. Anyway, Amy was on a sabbatical when she came upon a strange ruin. She decided to spend a day exploring the ruins, and her presence activated an interdimensional portal, sending her to Odain.


Connections: None.