nansi Ungolent


Odain Alias: Anansi


Played By: JustinR []


Homeworld: Original


Character Description:


Anansi is a striking woman with long black hair that goes down to her knees, red eyes, and pale skin. She usually wears a black dress with a very low cut back, and heels. The low back allows her four other limbs to form out of her back when she starts to metamorphose into her spider form [see Powers].




As an animal spirit, Anansi can change from her human form into a half-breed form, and into a full giant spider, with about a 12 foot diameter from foot tip to foot tip. In this form, Anansi can spin webbing, which can either be used construct vast webs capable of catching and holding man-sized creatures (although sufficient struggling or cutting will eventually free them), or to help support Anansi in jumping or climbing. The spider form also has potent paralytic venom, injected through its two massive fangs. It, as well as her other forms, has infravision.


The half-breed form consists of four large, insectoid limbs sprouting out of Anansi's back, along with long fangs in her mouth (also capable of delivering the same potent poison as her spider form), and an extra pair of eyes on her forehead. Anansi is extremely agile in this form, and has the climbing ability of a traditional spider.


Anansi's human form is essentially normal, with a few differences. It does not get stuck on the spider web it wove in spider form, and is essentially immune to all types of poisons and toxins. These abilities are shared amongst her other two forms as well. It's also worth noting that while Anansi heals at a relatively normal rate, her wounds heal scarless.




Anansi is still capable of being damaged by normal weapons, and damage from one form carries over to the other.




Besides her supernatural powers, Anansi is a rather proficient seamstress, and was quite well-versed in various languages back in her old home. She also has a rather lovely voice, which she occasionally uses to lure people into her webs. She also has a scraping of first aid knowledge from her own personal experience.




Anansi has a pouch with various needles and thread for repairing clothing, as well as a knife strapped to her thigh for utilitarian purposes and self-defense if needed.




Born into a rather harsh world, Anansi is paranoid and suspicious to the extreme, and quickly seeks to make sure that she is in a position of dominance anywhere she goes. Despite this, she does retain a bit of a soft-side, although it is well covered  indeed.


Connections: None in Odain.